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Deliver the right message to the right people

Build tailored audience segments based on demographics, behavior, and interests for a streamlined, results-driven email marketing.

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Hyper-personalize your email marketing with powerful segmentation

Create highly targeted campaigns that resonate with each individual for exponentially better conversions.


Personalization — make email the best part of their day

Set up segments for any number of email recipient characteristics. Mix and match different elements like subscriber traits, past engagement and website behavior to create highly sticky groups.

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    Granular Targeting

    Combine deep interaction elements to create highly focused segments

    Combine detailed interaction data from landing pages, websites, emails, integrations and analytics sources to build highly specific audience segments.

    • Target based on conversions, form submissions, and clicks
    • Layer multiple behavioral criteria for laser-focused segmentation
    • Personalize content and messaging to match distinct interests
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    A/B Test Segments

    Test, observe, improve, rinse, repeat

    Leverage A/B testing results to create highly effective sub-segments. Identify variations that perform best with specific audience groups, then refine your targeting for even greater personalization.

    • Uncover audience preferences through A/B testing
    • Build sub-segments based on top-performing variations
    • Deliver highly relevant messaging based on test-driven insights
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    How Can Robly’s Smart Segments Help Your Business in Three Steps

    Your targets aren’t all the same. Send each segment a messages that resonate with them and achieve superior results .Easily create targeted audience groups and deliver personalized content.


    Define Segments

    Build segments based on contact data, landing page interactions, email engagement, and more.


    Targeted Messaging

    Deliver personalized content and offers that resonate with each specific segment.


    Improved Conversions

    Drive higher engagement, conversions, and ROI with hyper-relevant marketing communications.

    What Customers Are Saying

    “Light years ahead of the competition”

    Robly’s segmentation is light-years ahead of vendors like Infusionsoft and Mailchimp. We create complex segments using multiple and’s and or’s, user behaviors, and tags, which I simply couldn’t do at the other vendors. We can create tight segments and target with precision, which leads to increase engagement and revenue.



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    Rated 4.6/5 400+ Reviews

    Rated 4.6/5 400+ Reviews

    Rated 4.5/5 900+ Reviews

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