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Convert traffic into revenue with easy landing pages

Create automated email flows that trigger based on customer actions, integrations, and real time data.

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Easily Automate Your Email Marketing

Nurture leads, win back inactive customers, and boost sales with automated email campaigns.


Effortless Email Automation That Connect and Convert

Engage customers with behavior-driven emails that arrive exactly when they’re most likely to take action. From a warm welcome to shopping cart reminders, make each email an opportunity to strengthen your customer relationships.

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    Powerful Automation

    Trigger powerful automations based on landing page conversions

    Easily craft compelling user journeys by combining landing page conversions and subscriptions with powerful email automation. Trigger welcome series, segment subscribers, kick off targeted email sequences, and more.

    • Automatically send welcome emails to new leads
    • Segment subscribers based on landing page behavior
    • Trigger targeted follow-up sequences for conversions
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    Audience Management

    Easily add Tags and Segment Contacts converting on your landing pages

    Organize and target your audience with landing page-based tags and segmentation. Pinpoint specific interests and behaviors indicated during conversion, then tailor your marketing messages accordingly.

    • Auto-tag contacts based on conversions
    • Build targeted segments for precision marketing
    • Deliver personalized content for higher engagement
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    Granular Analytics

    Integrate Directly with Google Analytics to Understand What’s Working and Where To Improve

    Analyze key metrics, pinpoint areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to boost your conversion rates and marketing ROI. Unlock deeper insights and optimize your landing page performance with seamless Google Analytics integration.

    • Track landing page traffic and user behavior
    • Identify top-performing and underperforming pages
    • Test and refine strategies based on real-world data
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    Easily Create Stunning Landing Pages Using our Drag & Drop Editor

    Build beautiful, high-converting landing pages in minutes with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor. No coding experience is required – select the elements you want, customize their appearance, implement optional advanced settings, and your page is ready.

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    Effortless design

    Drag and drop pre-built content blocks, design elements, and forms to create your page layout in minutes.


    Pre-built elements

    Choose from a library of building block elements like images, text, call-to-action buttons, forms, and more – saving you design time.


    Customization freedom

    Easily adjust colors, fonts, spacing, and styles to perfectly align your landing page with your unique brand style.

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    Rated 4.6/5 400+ Reviews

    Rated 4.6/5 400+ Reviews

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