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Give your campaigns a second boost of opens

Re-engage your audience automatically and turn missed opportunities into measurable results.

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Get 50% More Opens, Improve Your Engagement and Get More ROI. Automatically

Boost your email marketing performance with Robly OpenGen.


Automatically send emails to non-openers a second time

Automatically resend your message to subscribers who missed it the first time, ensuring every email has the best chance to be seen. Integrate effortlessly, resend strategically.

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    Optimize with Precision

    Send with granular control over what works for you

    With Robly OpenGen, you command the critical elements that determine your email campaign's success. Fine-tune your strategy based on actionable insights from your initial send. Enhance engagement and conversion rates with tactical adjustments and gain a tangible lift in your campaign's performance.

    • Control when and what time to send
    • Change the subject line for the second send
    • Edit the design of the second email
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    Enhance OpenGen with Robly AI for Just-in-Time Delivery

    Further improve your OpenGen results by enabling RoblyAI. While OpenGen smartly targets non-openers, RoblyAI fine-tunes the send times, ensuring your second email lands in each subscriber’s inbox at the moment they're most likely to engage.

    • Enable just-in-time delivery in one-click
    • Leverage historical data for optimal email timing
    • Combine OpenGen's and RoblyAI's unmatched email ROI
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    How Can OpenGen Help Your Business in Three Steps

    Robly OpenGen, enhanced by RoblyAI, finely tunes your email campaigns to not just reach, but engage. Experience a transformative approach that adapts in real-time, delivering your emails when your audience is most attentive.


    Expand Your Reach

    Re-enage your audience by resending to those who missed your email, offering a fresh chance to capture their attention.


    Elevate Engagement

    Benefit from RoblyAI's timing precision to increase click rates, ensuring that your emails are not just opened, but acted upon.



    With consistently improving your open rates and subsequent clicks from your campaigns, you strategically improve deliverability over time.

    What Customers Are Saying

    Robly A.I. & OpenGen Get Results

    It couldn't have been easier for me to switch to Robly. Somebody called me and set my expectations high. They were exceeded by the speed and professionalism with which Robly switched my account over. All my segmented lists got transferred by them. Love the features to get me more opens, love the cost savings, love the human touch! I used several mail services but this one clearly beats them all.


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    Markus W.

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    Rated 4.6/5 400+ Reviews

    Rated 4.6/5 400+ Reviews

    Rated 4.5/5 900+ Reviews

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