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The Smartest Way to Maintain a Healthy Contact List. Automatically

RoblyEngage identifies and categorizes your contacts so you can target your campaigns more effectively


Meet Intelligent Contact Management

RoblyEngage intelligently categorizes your audience, sharpening your marketing focus, improving your engagement, deliverability and targeting.

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    Automated Segmentation

    Flexible rules to Find your most engaged Subscribers

    RoblyEngage segments your contacts based on real engagement where you get to set the filter rules that best suit your communication style giving you the complete freedom to carefully slice your contact lists.

    • Control how subscribers are tagged disengaged or engaged
    • Keep your lists highly engaged and healthy
    • Improve your interaction rate and conversions
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    Cost Optimization

    Pay less, reactivate disengaged subscribers and increase conversions

    Save on your email marketing costs by proactively suppressing your disengaged subscribers. Or easily create special win-back campaigns to increase your reach and conversions.

    • Easily run win-back campaigns
    • Save on your email marketing costs
    • Increase reach and engagement without hurting performance
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    How RoblyEngage Can Help Your Business in Three Steps

    By automatically identifying and segmenting your active and inactive subscribers into easy buckets you open up a number of critical business advantages without putting in any manual effort.



    With RoblyEngage, your open and engagement rates go up over time, increasing your reputation as a quality email sender.


    Elevate Engagement

    By focusing on your most engaged users, you are creating a powerful funnel of opens, clicks, conversions and revenue.



    Save big on cost of operations and plan charges by automatically suppressing subscribers who are no longer interacting with your emails.

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    Rated 4.6/5 400+ Reviews

    Rated 4.6/5 400+ Reviews

    Rated 4.5/5 900+ Reviews

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