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Get higher email ROI with effortless automation

Create automated email flows that trigger based on customer actions, integrations, and real time data.

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Easily Automate Your Email Marketing

Nurture leads, win back inactive customers, and boost sales with automated email campaigns.

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Effortless Email Automation That Connect and Convert

Engage customers with behavior-driven emails that arrive exactly when they’re most likely to take action. From a warm welcome to shopping cart reminders, make each email an opportunity to strengthen your customer relationships.

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    Robly AI

    Meet AI-powered just-in-time email delivery

    Robly AI learns about each of your subscribers email browsing habits across all your email campaigns then optimizes the send time for every individual subscriber when it’s most likely for them to open them.

    • Enable just-in-time delivery in one-click
    • Leverage historical data for optimal email timing
    • Combine OpenGen's and RoblyAI's unmatched email ROI
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    A/B Testing

    Automate your Testing

    Make every email count by employing Robly's A/B testing. Experiment with different elements to see what truly clicks with your audience. Our straightforward testing tools allow you to compare, analyze, and implement the most effective strategies for your email campaigns.

    • Understand which variables drive the best performance
    • Automatically send the winning variation based on real-time data
    • Set your A/B tests to run according to your schedule
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    Build Relationships With Your Customers Through Email Journeys

    Automated email journeys reach subscribers when they’re most receptive—no guesswork required. Never miss a moment again with our automation’s real-time response to subscriber behavior and data.

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    Kick-start the customer relationship with a targeted series of emails. Welcome new subscribers effectively and set the tone for future communication.



    Send timely emails based on user actions or special dates like birthdays and anniversaries. Increase relevance and engagement by reaching out at the right moment.



    Tailor your follow-ups based on user interactions. Enhance your email strategy by sending content that responds to subscriber behavior



    Set up emails to send automatically in response to specific triggers. Save time and maintain consistent contact with your subscribers.



    Make every email feel like a one-on-one conversation. Use subscriber data to customize content and create more impactful emails.



    Maximize email performance with AI optimization. Ensure your emails get opened by landing in the inbox at the ideal time for each subscriber.

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    We have multiple users with varying degrees of experience and ability to work with software, and all were able to pick up on Robly very quickly. The analytics are superb and Robly's Open Gen & AI features have seriously reduced the number of unsubscribes for us. We have more opens, more click-throughs and better engagement using Robly. 

    Nonprofit Organization Management, 51-200 employees

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    Rated 4.6/5 400+ Reviews

    Rated 4.6/5 400+ Reviews

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