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Get 50% More Opens, Improve Your Engagement and Get More ROI. Automatically

Boost your email marketing performance with our proprietary Open Boost Technology. Get more opens, enhance subscriber engagement, and amplify your ROI - all seamlessly and within your current workflow.


Boost open rates with one click

Don’t let your first email be the last attempt. OpenGen gives non-openers a nudge with a follow-up email sporting a new subject line, significantly lifting your open rates and bringing dormant leads back to life.

Automatically follow up with non-openers to maximize reach
See a substantial rise in opens and engage more of your audience
More opens mean more opportunities for revenue growth
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Perfect send times every time

Harness the predictive power of RoblyAI to ensure your emails arrive at the exact moment your subscribers are most likely to engage. Perfect timing means higher open rates and top-of-the-inbox visibility.

Sync sends with subscriber habits for a tailor-made delivery schedule
Improve your chances of landing in the inbox, not the spam folder
Get to the top of the inbox
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Systematically improve your open rates over time

Take control of your open rates by ensuring your emails are seen by the right people at the right time, reactivating unengaged subscribers and keeping your list fresh and responsive.

Automatically bring back unengaged users
Bump inactive subscribers from your regular sends
Reactivate your lost customers
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Right Message, To the Right People, Right on Time

Streamline your communication by delivering tailored emails precisely when your customers are most receptive. From celebratory birthday emails to re-engagement campaigns and triggered journeys, our automation tools ensure your message arrives at just the right moment.

Date-based triggers
Engagement triggers
Update subscriber data
Trigger a series
Instant autoresponders
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Target The Right Audience Segment and Test What Works For You

Robly makes it simple to slice and dice your lists for precise targeting, testing, and optimization.


Maximize Engagement with Targeted Email Segmentation

Refine your marketing approach with Robly's segmentation tools. Tailor your messages to match subscriber behavior and preferences by utilizing data-driven insights. Deliver content that resonates and drives revenue by reaching the right people with the right message at the right time.

Revitalize engagement by reaching out to inactive users
Optimize your send list to focus on engaged subscribers
Craft targeted campaigns to win back lost customers
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A/B Testing

Test and optimize your email campaigns by seeing what works for you

Make every email count by employing Robly's A/B testing. Experiment with different elements to see what truly clicks with your audience. Our straightforward testing tools allow you to compare, analyze, and implement the most effective strategies for your email campaigns.

Test and understand which variables drive the best performance
Automatically send the winning variation based on real-time data
Set your A/B tests to run according to your schedule
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Create Assets that Increase Clicks, Engagement and Conversions

Craft compelling emails with Robly's advanced tools for standout campaigns. Leverage ready-made email templates for immediate engagement, create conversion-focused landing pages with a drag-and-drop editor, and capture leads with customizable forms and pop-ups.


Craft Stunning Emails with Ease

Choose from a diverse collection of templates to create emails that resonate with your audience. Whether promoting a sale, nurturing leads, or announcing an event, our templates are designed to help you send polished, professional emails in minutes.

Select from a range of template categories perfect for any occasion
Personalize every aspect of your template
Ensure brand consistency with templates that adapt to you
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Build emails with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Place images, text blocks, and buttons exactly where you need them and create emails that look great on every device.


Incorporate videos and countdown timers in your emails to capture attention and create a sense of urgency and significantly boost engagement and conversions.


Ensure your emails look perfect on any device with responsive design. Our templates automatically adjust to fit the screen, providing an optimal viewing experience.


Maximize Conversions with Versatile Forms and Pop-ups

Increase conversions with our diverse range of forms, pop-ups, and exit intents. Designed for ease of use and flexibility, our tools help you capture leads at the peak of their engagement.

Inline forms, pop-ups and exit intent, choose what fits your strategy
Set intelligent triggers for your forms to appear at the perfect time
Incorporate forms smoothly into your landing pages and website

Landing Pages

Attract and Convert Subscribers With Customizable Landing Pages

Create landing pages that capture attention and convert visitors into subscribers, leads, and customers. Build impactful landing pages with ease using Robly’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

Drag and drop elements to construct your perfect landing pages
Easily add, remove, or modify elements to fit your brand aesthetic
Monitor page performance and improve your visitor experience

Reporting & Analytics

In-Depth Insights for Data-Driven Decisions

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your campaign performance with Robly's advanced reporting and analytics. Track your success in real time and use our detailed reports to make informed decisions that will drive your email marketing forward.

Easily access key email campaign statistics
View trends and patterns to assess campaign effectiveness
Use data to refine your strategies and increase engagement
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Get Direct Insights for Strategic Engagement With Robly Surveys

Utilize Robly’s survey functionality to gather essential feedback, informing and driving your marketing strategy. Precise, timely surveys can dramatically enhance the relevance of your campaigns, directly contributing to improved engagement metrics.

Collect valuable feedback to make data-driven decisions
Use customer input to guide new product development
Measure and track customer satisfaction over time
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Build With Robly or Scale Up Your High Volume Email Needs

Robly's developer tools provide everything you need to integrate your data with intelligent marketing tools and event-driven transactional email.

Robly API V1
High Volume API
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Unlock the full potential of your marketing stack with Robly's extensive integration capabilities.

With Robly, connecting to your favorite apps and services is just a click away. Effortlessly sync with over 100 essential applications to streamline your workflows, harness comprehensive analytics, and enhance your email campaigns.

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Rated 4.6/5 400+ Reviews

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