10x Your List Growth Speed and Get 50% More Opens

Turbo-charge your list growth with Robly and get more opens with OpenGen, RoblyAI and RoblyENGAGE.


Get 50% more opens

Robly gives you more proprietary, open-generating technology than any other company. It's all included in your subscription.

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Boost open rates with one click


Boost open rates with one click

Your first campaign gets sent like always. A few days later, a second campaign with a new subject line goes out to non-openers. How’s it working out for our clients?

  • One billion incremental opens and counting
  • Tens of millions of dollars in new revenue
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Perfect send times every time

Get more opens and higher click-throughs by being at the right place at the right time.

  • Deliver each email individually
  • Timed delivery: emails land when subscribers are most likely to check email
  • Get to the top of the inbox
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Perfect send times every time
Create a virtuous deliverability cycle


Create a virtuous deliverability cycle

Improve deliverability as a higher percentage of your list becomes engaged every day. Gmail loves this. So will you.

  • Automatically segment unengaged users
  • Bump inactives from your regular sends
  • Email them and win them back to engaged
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Sweeten up your email revenue stream.


Segment, target, & test

Robly makes it simple to slice and dice your lists for precise targeting, testing, and optimization.

Understand your audience through tags & target with segments

Track website visitor behavior and tag & segment by prospects, customers, and interests. Segment by data or campaign activity and send the right message at the right time.

  • Easily manage multiple brands for better deliverability
  • Use A/B Testing for definitive results on what works for your brand
  • Target specific users based on engagement, tags, location, and more with Segmentation
Segment, target, & test

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Design a winning campaign with drag & drop tools

Create a beautiful, customized, responsive email that speaks to your customers and showcases your brand. You can also send plain text or import your own HTML.

  • Select from library of mobile responsive templates
  • Build up from a blank template or from scratch
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editor
  • Custom templates for you
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Boost open rates with one click

Create a virtuous deliverability cycle

Play video in your emails with our Animated Block

  • Insert playable videos into your campaign
  • Insert YouTube or Vimeo link
  • Convert video to GIF automatically
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Build mobile-ready landing pages in seconds

Our drag-and-drop builder lets you create landing pages with the same ease as you create an email campaign.

  • Use forms to grow your contact list
  • Promote events and special offers
  • Showcase your products
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Landing page

Sweeten up your email revenue stream.


Go all-in on growth with actionable insights & analytics

A solid email marketing strategy depends on meaningful, actionable analytics.

  • View opens, clicks, bounces, & more
  • See data and trends in real time
  • Device-specific reporting
  • Geographic analytics & delivery by domain and ISP
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