The Story Gets Out: Micro-Memoir Workshop
with Laura Oliver M.F.A
When: Monday evenings, five weeks, February 5-March 5, 7:00-9:00 pm
Where: InnerSource, 980 Awald Rd, Annapolis, MD 21403
Cost: $195
The counterpart to flash fiction, these are very brief true pieces of roughly 350 words. (You can write a whole memoir this way.) The writing itself is powerfully transformative. Discover thoughts and feelings you didn’t even know you had! In addition, the pieces are often deeply moving, fun to share and publishable in literary reviews and magazines. We capture moments of conflict, change, or memories that have stayed with you, whether or not you know why, and polish them to their essence for maximum emotional impact. We will study the craft in inspiring examples, use a variety of creative prompts, write in class and share more.
Workshop Instructor: Laura Oliver, M.F.A.
Laura Oliver is the award-winning author of “The Story Within” (Penguin Random House,) one of The Writer Magazine’s “Top Terrific Books of the Year,” and Poets and Writer Magazine’s “Best 80 Writing Books Ever Published.”( Already in 7th printing.) She has published short stories and essays in national magazines, newspapers and literary reviews. Oliver received her Master in Fine Arts from Bennington College and was an adjunct creative writing professor at the University of MD. She taught writing workshops at St. John’s College for 21 years and is the co- creator of The Writing Intensive at St. John’s. Oliver has taught transformation workshops at Anne Arundel Medical Center and Ridgely Retreat.  Besides being a nationally published writer of both fiction and nonfiction, Oliver is a motivational speaker and has completed workshops sponsored by the Maryland Association of Psychologists on emotional healing, somatic imagery and positive psychology. She has also completed personal growth workshops run by the Omega Institute, EFT workshops and “Awakening the Inner Child” through Common Boundary.