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Number 113
     May 2014   
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Home Recording  -  5/12


Video Game Challenge  -  5/13-20


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Small group Workout  -  5/19


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Director's Perspective  -  5/29


INTRO: Starting Out  -  5/31


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Stepping Out  -  6/8


Creating Characters  -  6/8


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Long Form II: Documentary  -  6/11-25


Narration Simple  -  6/13-14 


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I Love Voice-over 
By Steve Reisberg 

I love voice-over. I love the art of it. I love doing it. I love directing it. I love the practitioners of it. Voice-over is acting in its purest form. VO is the actor at his most intimately exposed, all the while being completely masked. It is acting naked in the dark.


When I was a young actor studying at Rutgers' Mason Gross School of the Arts in the early 1980s, no one ever mentioned voice-over. Not once. We trained for the theater. By its nature, university theater productions allow young actors to portray characters that they would never be cast as in the real world at their age. It was fun. It was transformative, as real acting should be. Upon graduation, it was expected that we would try to earn a living on TV or in film in order to support our theater habit. And we tried. We soon learned that as far as the business of acting and casting was concerned, we were constrained by our physical type and looks.


In VO it doesn't matter what you look like. VO brings back that wonderful sense of freedom we had as kids. Most of us got into acting because it was simply fun. It was play in its truest form. Some actors who have been at the game for a long time forget that. Acting becomes a job. Auditioning becomes a job. VO recalls the joy of playfulness and imagination most of us started out with.


Over the past decade as a VO Director at some of the top talent agencies and casting offices in Hollywood, it has been my privilege to work with some of the giants of the VO world as well as many extremely talented journeymen and newcomers. In that time, I've learned a lot about why one actor books a job and another does not. It usually comes down to a combination of physical mastery of their instrument, a clear sense of technique, deep knowledge of the business, and most importantly, a strong sense of imaginative playfulness. This is what I teach. This is what I love.


Steve Reisberg has directed and coached thousands of VO sessions. His clients include the very top talent in L.A. and many A-list celebrities including the late, great "King of Voice-overs" Don LaFontaine. As the Voice-over audition Director for TGMD Talent, he helped actors book voice-over jobs every day.

Join Steve for The Booking Edge on Sat/Sun, May 17/18 from 10am to 5pm. Space is limited.

Look Who's Talking
Mic Small

Michael Ritz just wrapped a 3-day shoot as an on-camera narrator for an Organ Donation promotional Video aimed at Doctors, medical personnel and patients.

* Sara Colby recorded a promo/instructional recording in English for Gogobot today. She also recorded in Japanese for a horror film themed fashion video for Vogue Italia!"

* Nancy's Raciti's latest gig is a cool new app! How to Use SnapshotPostcard - Real Postcards to Real Mailboxes.

* Elizabeth Palmer landed a few VO gigs for The Education Channel in Tampa Florida and also recorded for Vitamin Answer.

* Alex Hero starred in an industrial film for EMC industrial.

* Alexandra Matthew has been quite busy! She recorded a German narration for Warner Chilcott, 2 interactive apps for early kids' education, 2 narrations for District Video, 2 eLearning modules for Aramark, a video for Anaqua, and is currently recording and editing for an audiobook series.  

* Noam Smooha was chosen to be the voice of San Francisco for a new tourist video.

* Jayse O'Brien continues to be a booking machine - he recorded VO for a crowdfunding campaign for GoKey.

* Kayte Jackson recorded a VO for Embrace for after-surgery scar prevention pads.

* Sharon Huff has also been busy - she recorded an adoption information VO for Independent Adoption Center, a promo for HDS, a promo for BCHydro, an Alzheimers fundraising job for and a video game trailer for some people in Iceland.

* Robert Rossman recorded the VO for the SF Giants rules video. It runs at ATT Park before every home game.

* Pat McCulloch starred in a video for a toy company called Tangle. 

* Mark Nelson is working steadily. He just published his 50th audiobook on Audible and has two more recorded in 2014 pending release. He also narrated a PBS documentary produced by WNED in New York, recorded promos and bumpers for a second PBS documentary at a studio in Oakland, and voiced his first computer game (two characters)."

* Peter Carini is recording The Domino Lady for Audio Comics and was hired to be the voice for the Virtual Enterprise Convention in Oakland last month.

* Jennifer Knight voiced a project promoting STEM education in NY.   

Congrats to all who've recently landed agents and jobs. Send us your good news and we'll add it to next month's Newsletter.   
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