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September 2010

SpotlightSpotlight on Relief of Conscience
Two actions taken by the 219th GA call the Board of Pensions to provide "relief of conscience" (ROC) mechanisms whereby Presbyterians will not be forced to fund activities which Scripture defines as sin.
Pro-life Presbyterians already know that the BOP "Relief of Conscience" process does not assuage our grief over abortions paid for with member tithes. ROC provides a method of registering protest, but does not solve the moral dilemma created by the mandatory nature of the Plan. Read more.
Doing the math: The Cost of Abortion
A June news report by Sharon Youngs, Communications Coordinator for the Office of the General Assembly of the PC(USA), announced that at the end of 2009, total membership of the Presbyterian Church (USA) stood at 2,077,138 (down 3 percent from the previous year. VaGentleman posted a comment to the article: Why would any reasonable Christian of traditional faith continue to worship with or support the mission of a denomination such as this? By this time next year PC(USA) is likely to have fewer than 2M members - the direct result of policies from the past 40 years.

What did he mean by "the policies of the past 40 years?" Being the Executive Director of a pro-life organization of PC(USA) members, I immediately thought of the erosion of the church's historic and biblical stand against abortion. I was curious, so I did the math. Read the full blog article.
Leaders of several PC(USA) renewal organizations were among those present at a recent "Y'all Come" meeting of the Presbyterian Coalition in Chicago. Among those in attendance were 6 members of the Board of Directors of Presbyterians Pro-Life and Executive Director, Marie Bowen. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss next steps in response to GA actions and long-term goals for living faithfully in the PC(USA). Those in attendance agreed on a plan of action to Reclaim Biblical Teaching. PPL urges you to support and participate in the campaign, both in the immediate task of voting on amendments in the presbyteries and in the long-term faithful living of the gospel in the PC(USA).
Other Denomination News
Amendment Booklets available online to help you prepare for the important amendments to the Book of Order and the Book of Confessions that are coming soon to the presbyteries for a vote.
Invitation to the Word from Theology & Worship
First, we have to welcome them into the worldBaby with Down Syndrome
By P. J. Southam
The latest (Volume Ten, Issue One) issue of ideas! For Church Leaders magazine from the Congregational Ministries Publishing division of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) includes a very nice article on page 11 entitled "Welcoming People with Disabilities." It contains good guidance for congregations to welcome and integrate people with disabilities into the body of Christ. ...We should welcome people with disabilities into the church...
First, we have to welcome them into the world!
Currently in the United States, 90% of Down's syndrome babies are aborted...And, sadly, the Presbyterian Church (U.S. A.) seems to think this is just fine. Read the entire article.
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Hard Cases Questions during Capitol Hill Briefing Celebrating Women's Equality, by Serrin M. Foster, President of Feminists for Life.

Free Flyers and Fact Sheets on Abortion from The Elliott Institute:

Ministry Opportunities
Assembling Baby Kits for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance:
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Doing the math: The cost of abortion.
Reclaim Biblical Teaching!
First, we have to welcome...
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