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March 1,2013

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February Fishin' in St. Simons

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Xuron fly tying vise
Triple Tail, Tailing Tides
February Fishing Report
Product Review 
Xuron Fly Tying Vise from St. Simons Outfitters
The older I get, the more I like to keep things simple.  Simplicity combined with elegance is the best of all!

Elegant simplicity best describes the Xuron Vise manufactured and distributed by Capt. Larry Kennedy of St. Simons Oufitters.  The elegance begins at the artfully shaped base and extends up the graceful arm to the jaws of the vise.  The jaws are a combination of 21st century machining and 19th century simplicity. By simply turning a threaded nut, you can exert enough pressure to hold a size 22 midge or a size 2/0 stainless steel tarpon hook. How does it get any simpler than that? 

Today rotating vises are all the rage.  I would characterize the Xuron as semi-rotating.  It does not have a crank to wrap dubbing or hackle on a fly, but it does have the versatility to turn the jaws to either side to inspect or to work on the opposite side of the fly.  A simple knurled nut on the deluxe version and an allen screw on the standard version (allen wrench supplied) enables you to easily spin the jaws. Elegant Simplicity at its best.

The base is solid and heavy enough so you can spin deer hair or "crank down" while tying a big fly.  The angle of the jaws and arm is easily adjusted by thoughtful adjustment screws on the base.  

The vise has a long history beginning in the Catskills in the 1930's.  It has gone through a series of owners and refinements over the last 70 years, but still retains its roots as a simple, effective means of holding a hook.  Part of our sport is tradition, and it just feels good tying flies in the 21st century on a vise some of the originators of our sport tied on in the 1930's,
You can read the history of the Xuron vise on the St. Simons Outfitters web site:
You can go by the shop to try tying on one or order one directly from their web site:
Capt. Larry is trying to keep regular hours at the shop from 11:00 to 12:00 each day.  Go by, say hello and give the vise a try. 
Capt. David Edens
"Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn"  
Spring Forecast
Triple Tail
Tailing Tide Dates
Last week middle and South Georgia had flooding rains. The Altamaha and the Satilla Rivers which feed our area are running full.  The Altamaha is at flood stage.  All of this fresh water will push into our area.  The trout that have been up the creeks will probably push down to the sound to find saltier water.  The fresh water shouldn't bother the red fish, but it will stain/muddy our water, which has been very clear over the last three weeks. This won't last long, and we can fish around it.
The large winter time schools of red fish will continue through most of March, then the fish will scatter and still be near their low tide haunts.  Trout fishing will pick up as the water warms, although it has been good all winter.  
I am excited about the return of the Triple Tail to Jekyll Island.  These fish should start showing up around the end of March. They might show up a little earlier if the weather warms quickly. This is an exciting, challenging sight fishery with a fly rod.  
By the end of May, the water will be well into the 70's, the fiddler crabs will be active and the red fish will be tailing on the flood tides. Most of you have probably seen this, but here is a video link showing tailing red fish:
Tailing Reds, July 2010.mp4
Tailing Reds
 I have had several clients ask me about when to come for "tailers".  Here are some good dates.
April:  Possibly 4/8 and 4/23-25 Depends on weather
May:  8&9 marginal tides 22-25 (already booked on 24 and 25)
June: 20-23 (This is when it really starts to get good)
July:  19-23
August;  16-24 (18th - 24th are morning tides, best)
September: 9/4,  14-22 (18-22 morning tides) These should be the best days of the year.
October: 4-10 16, 18-22.  The first of the month should be better.  Water tends to get a little too cool the end of October.
September will probably book up fast, so give me a call as soon as you can to reserve your dates for this classic Southern Fly Fishing.
Capt. David Edens
706-540-1276 cell best
912-289-1061 home
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Gay's Big Trout                      Gay's Big Trout
Capt. David Edens is an Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing guide as well as a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor and a member of the Federation of Fly Fishers Professional Guides Association.  This assures you of a quality trip and instruction.

Contact me through my website: Fly Cast Charters or call:
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February Fishing Report 
Our winter has been mild, with only a few periods of really cold weather, but while the weather was cold, the fishing was hot.

The red fish are still in their big winter time schools.  Last week, I saw a school that had to have over 100 fish in it.  It was between 40 and 50 yards across and at least 25 yards deep as the school marched down the creek.  We managed to take two nice fish (both released) from the school as they swam past the boat.  This is one of the largest schools of red fish I have ever seen in St. Simons.

There are several big schools of fish scattered in and around St. Simons.  As I am writing this, I can think of exactly where 8-10 schools should be hanging out right now, and a half dozen other places where I have a general idea where the fish are. 

That is the good and the bad of winter time fishing. The good is, if the fish are where they are supposed to be, you get lot's of shots at them.  If they are not where they are supposed to be, you have to go looking for them. The fish are so bunched up right now, to be successful, you have to locate the schools.

Larry and his wife joined me for an early morning trip fishing on one of the coldest mornings of the year in February.  We had shots at dozens of fish, and Larry was able to bring a few to the boat.  These weren't big fish, but they were his first on a fly rod, which is always special.
My friend and client Tim has fished with me several times during the summer months.  He came to the Marshes of Glynn to experience some of our winter fishing and was rewarded with a nice red fish on about his fifth cast.

Tim is an accomplished fly tier, and he caught this fish on his version of an ultra shrimp.  He has me so fired up about this, I have ordered some of the UV cure acrylic to try my hand at these flies.

Rich also had some success in the Marshes of Glynn and is going to give it a try again in early March

The weather is supposed to turn colder the first few days of March, so maybe this winter time pattern will continue for several more weeks.  It is great fun seeing these big schools of red fish marching down the creeks and sounds around St. Simons.  

Give me a call, and come, "Hunt Fish in the Marshes of Glynn."
Until next time, 
Tight Lines, strip strike and practice the Double Haul
Capt. David Edens
912-289-1061  Home
706-540-1276  Cell
 As most of you know by now, Capt. Larry of St. Simons Outfitters is a dear friend, who suffered a stroke earlier last year.
The good news is that Capt. Larry is trying to keep a schedule at the shop.  He will be there most days from 11:00AM to 12:00 noon.
Larry is a encyclopedia of fly fishing information around St. Simons  who is more than willing to share his knowledge with us all.  He is working on his "Semper-Fi" flies project, assembling Xuron vises and helping Ellen in managing  the shop.  

St. Simons Ouftitters has just received a new shipment of fly tying supplies.   Drop by the shop to check out the new materials, some local fly patterns, the Xuron vise and to give a shout out to Capt. Larry.

For the latest fishing reports, please go to my web site:  Not only are there up to date fishing reports, I am constantly adding new photos, information and videos. Fish the Golden Isles, and call me to enjoy, "Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn".


Capt. David Edens

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