Weekly Notes From Madison Youth Choirs
Thursday, October 10, 2019
Rehearsals this Weekend with MYC
Regular Rehearsals at Westgate Studios, Westgate Mall
Sunday, October 13
4:00 - 5:30pm Choraliers
4:00 - 5:30pm Con Gioia
4:15 - 6:15pm Ragazzi
5:45 - 7:30pm Capriccio
5:45 - 8:00pm Cantilena
6:30 - 9:00pm Cantabile

Monday, October 14
5:30 - 7:00pm Purcell
5:30 - 7:00pm Britten
7:15 - 8:45pm Holst

Please submit the absence form linked in the header section above if your singer will be absent or arriving late/leaving early. As a safety measure, if your student is not checked in at rehearsal and we have not heard they will be absent, we will call you to verify the absence. The best way to reach us during rehearsals is via the MYC cell phone: 608-770-7464.

Please keep reading for all the details you need to know!
Groundbreaking Event on Monday, October 21!
If you live on the Isthmus or drive East Washington Avenue you have likely noticed the active construction site near North Ingersoll. Madison's new youth arts center, (and MYC's future home!) is now officially under construction! We couldn't be more excited!

To celebrate, we are having a groundbreaking event on Monday, October 21, at 2:30pm at the construction site: across the street from Lapham Elementary along East Mifflin between Brearly and North Ingersoll.

There's not a lot of room at the groundbreaking: it's an active construction site. But we would love to see you there! We are closing off part of Mifflin Street and there will be a small tent for the dignitaries if it rains (and for the cake!). Park in a nearby ramp or on the street throughout the neighborhood. Program begins at 2:30pm and will be done by 3:30pm.

It would be fantastic to have singers there to shovel dirt! We're hoping to have many kids representing many different youth arts organizations to celebrate this new facility. If you can make it, please let us know by filling out the Google form so we can have an idea of who to expect.
Student RSVP
What's Up With Westgate Mall?
Westgate is definitely closing at the end of 2019. MYC has been given notice and will be leaving Westgate after our concerts in December. We have many good options for relocating our rehearsal space and are in the process of finalizing those plans for next semester. As soon as those details become firm, we will share them with you. We expect that will be within the next month. We do NOT anticipate rehearsal times nor days changing--just our rehearsal location. Exciting!

We don't want to minimize the potential impact a new rehearsal location might have on your family next semester. But, we would be remiss if we didn't encourage everyone to think about what is on the near horizon for the MYC community: in a mere 18 months we will be moving into our permanent home (see above!). It will be amazing. Between now and then our weekly time together will still be about making music, honing our expert noticing skills and supporting one another as we consider new ideas. Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we navigate this special in-between time for our MYC community. We're in between what we've known and used so well--Westgate--and what we have dreamed about for years--a permanent home built for youth arts. The Great In-Between--what a wonderful place to be!
Wardrobe: Please Contact Ian :)
By now everyone should have been fitted for their concert wardrobe and polo.
If you have discovered that your wardrobe no longer fits, please contact Ian to schedule a fitting ASAP.

As a reminder:
Returning singers in Choraliers, Con Gioia, Cantilena, Cantabile, Ragazzi, Purcell, Britten, and Holst: Please try on your concert wardrobe and return any items that no longer fit (clearly labeled with your name) so your wardrobe is available to another singer. You'll need to set up a time with Ian to be re-fitted.

Returning singers new to Ragazzi from Holst and new to Capriccio from Con Gioia: Please return your concert wardrobe from last season to the MYC office. And see Ian if you have not yet been fitted for your new wardrobe.

All NEW MYC singers: please make an appointment with Ian if you have not yet been fitted.
Ragazzi Wardrobe Update
Ragazzi singers will be making the switch from a white to a black dress shirt to go with their full tuxedo attire. Staff from Nedrebos will be coming to rehearsal this Sunday to measure singers at the end of rehearsal. Ragazzi families: please watch for a reminder email with more information!
Poinsettia Sale Begins
Hallowe'en is just around the corner which means businesses are already planning their holiday season decorations for December. It's time to begin our poinsettia sale!

A few details to get you started:
Our poinsettias are supplied by Felly's Greenhouse and are guaranteed. They are beautiful plants available in three colors--pink, white, and red and in four sizes ranging in price from $12-$37. Families earn $5 per plant sold, regardless of size, toward their fundraising goal. Plants are available until our stock is sold out but our initial deadline for submitting orders initial orders is November 15 so Felly's has time to prepare the orders for our first set of delivery/pick up dates the week before and after Thanksgiving.

There are two ways to sell: gather individual orders from family, neighbors, coworkers, etc., and/or approach businesses interested in decorating for the holidays or providing gifts to their clients. Restaurants, coffee shops, churches, real estate offices, hair salons, hotels, car dealerships, banks, etc. are all good places to start. Please read through the information sheet before you begin selling and please contact the MYC office with any questions you may have.

MYC retains sales information from past years and will gladly pass along former singer business leads to interested families. If you sold to businesses last year and need your contact information, please let us know--we can easily provide past order information to make your pitch as simple as possible. Create an email and include the link directly to our website!

Questions? Please ask!
MYC Intergenerational Choir: Time to Join!
Cantabile | Ragazzi
We are excited to invite Cantabile and Ragazzi singers to sing with our Intergenerational Choir at the Capitol Lakes Retirement Community. This project brings Madison Youth Choirs to the residents of Capitol Lakes, creating an innovative musical ensemble that demonstrates the importance of creative expression at every age. The Intergenerational Choir is now in its fifth year and has expanded to include MYC alumni and parents of Cantabile and Ragazzi singers. We are looking forward to another wonderful shared music experience!

Cantabile and Ragazzi singers (and their interested parents!) attend three evening rehearsals and a special culminating performance with the Capitol Lakes residents. All rehearsals and the performance are at Capitol Lakes:

Wednesday, October 30, 6pm-7pm
Thursday, November 7, 6pm-7pm
Wednesday, November 13, 6pm-7p
Friday, November 15, 6pm warm up, 7pm performance

Service hours are available to MYC singers and repertoire spans the ages, from Arthur Sullivan to René Clausen to traditional American music. Please express your interest using the button below by Monday, October 21. We hope you can join us!
Intergenerational Choir
Coffee: Updated Ordering Options!
Coffee may now be ordered on a weekly basis! If, in total, by Tuesday morning we have received orders totaling at least the minimum of 25 units, we will place a coffee/cocoa order. Watch the Weekly Notes for ordering updates.

NEW electronic ordering now available! Pay by check or use your credit card. These links are also shareable if you wish to allow your friends and family to order coffee. Delivery is still to the MYC office and will be bundled by singer.  Each bag purchased/sold results in a $5 credit toward your Family Fundraising for the 2019-20 season.