Cantabile and Ragazzi:
Our Incredible 2nd Semester Project!
Hello Cantabile and Ragazzi Singers and Families!

I'm so excited to see everyone this weekend! I hope you took the time to read "The Snow Goose" over break. I'm really looking forward to starting our work this Sunday!

A reminder: Our rehearsal schedule is slightly altered this semester (It was changed on the calendars a while ago and I sent this info to you a few months ago). As a reminder:

Rehearsals, January 8-February 12
5-7:30 RAGAZZI
6-8:45 CANTABILE (note earlier starting time)

Rehearsals,  February 12, 19, 26, and March 5
5:30-8 RAGAZZI (note altered times)
6-9 CANTABILE (note earlier starting time)

On March 12 we'll drive to Monroe for a 2-5pm dress rehearsal and on March 19 we'll drive to Monroe for a 2pm performance. 

See you Sunday!


P.S. Bring your music ("The Snow Goose" that I gave you at dress rehearsal) and your MSO Christmas music (to turn in) to rehearsal this Sunday.