April Specials

Heidi White
Women's Expo
HopeBuilders Bkst
ReStore Karaoke Night
Build A Home Bkfst

TV's "The Librarians" track ReStore gem
Let's shop!
They don’t start shooting the third season of “The Librarians” for another month, but Set Decorator Benjamin Hayden knows a good thing when he sees it and snatched up a terrific buy this month at The ReStore.
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Doing spring big for The ReStore
Heidi White

When warmer weather coaxes tulips and daffodils to emerge, sprucing up the homestead and spring cleaning take the top slots on many to-do lists. Homeowners and businesses taking stock of inventory to make room for newer models and new remodeling, quest for the latest trends at local idea fairs and home and garden shows.
When they do, they're sure to meet Heidi White. 
The Habitat for Humanity Portland Metro East 16th annual HopeBuilder breakfast is coming up soon. RSVP at HabitatPortlandMetro.org or call: 503-287-9529. 
ReStore Idol Karaoke Night
We love our volunteers! 

Whether you've got tons of experience, or none whatsoever, there's a place for you at The ReStore. Over the next three months each of the stores will be holding a volunteer recruitment event, beginning with The ReStore Idol Karaoke Night starting at 5:30pm Friday, April 15. YOU ARE INVITED!

Want details? Call Portland ReStore Assistant Manager Noah Boyer @503-283-6247. Special thanks to Widmer Brothers Brewing for donating the libations!   
READ ALL ABOUT IT: Become a ReStore volunteer
Thanks to everyone who donated blood during the ReStore Blood Drive March 18. You're helping to save lives!
What you need to know

Most of the time we encourage DIYers to dig right in and get the job done, but when it comes to dealing with asbestos, it's often best left to the professionals!

The hazards of stirring asbestos particles are real and serious, not only for you and your family, but for the entire community. You might be surprised at all the places asbestos could be found in your home. So, before you pull on your gloves get the details...
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Last year they raised a whopping $374,000 at the Willamette West Habitat for Humanity Build a Home fundraising breakfast and lunch. Will they do that again? Well, that's up to you. RSVP by May 3 to attend. (We're hoping you said, 'YES!')
Spring cleaning? Schedule a donation pickup online!
Come see what we're up to! Stop by The ReStore booth at the Women's Expo Saturday, April 2! 

  • All carpet tile only 25 cents each
  • PLUS, April 11-16  
   50 % off all tile

Washington County
  • 50% off all windows
  • 50% off all paint
  • 50% off all flooring

Clark County​​
  • 50% off all windows


Friday, April 15 we're having a ReStore  Idol Karaoke Night with prizes starting at 5:30pm! YOU'RE INVITED!!!
All stores open 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Saturday  
Donations accepted until 4:30 p.m.