Wardrobe Fitting Schedule: Final Week! 
  • Today: 3-5pm | Purcell, Britten, and Holst
  • Tuesday and Thursday by appointment (see link below)
  • Sunday, September 30 (see schedule below)
  • Monday, October 1 (see schedule below)

Thank you to everyone who took care of their fitting yesterday or last week!

Everyone else:
Please note the remaining fitting times available this week. We have many singers to fit and it's most helpful to us if you plan to arrive well before the ending times listed below on rehearsal days so singers have enough time to be fitted and still arrive to rehearsal on time. Volunteering to help with wardrobe fittings will also help alleviate the wait times for singers. Thanks in advance if you can spare an hour next weekend! (See sign up below).

REMINDERS: Everyone should be fitted by Monday, October 1.

ALL Capriccio singers need to be fitted (even if you sang in Capriccio last year.)

Returning singers in Choraliers, Con Gioia, Cantilena, Cantabile, Ragazzi, Purcell, Britten, and Holst
Please try on your concert wardrobe and return any items that no longer fit (clearly labeled with your name) so it's available to another singer then plan to be re-fitted on one of the dates offered below.

Returning singers new to Ragazzi from Holst and new to Capriccio from Con Gioia: Please return your concert wardrobe from last season to the MYC office and plan to be fitted for your new concert wardrobe on one of the dates offered below. Returning singers new to Cantilena from Capriccio: no need to return your Capriccio dress as we are no longer using that style but plan to be fitted for your Cantilena dress.

All NEW MYC singers and ALL Capriccio singers (returning and new) need to be fitted on one of the dates offered below.

SUNDAY OPTION, September 30  (BEFORE rehearsal):
Drop-in (no reservation required)
3pm - 3:50pm | Choraliers, Con Gioia, Ragazzi
5pm - 5:35pm | Capriccio and Cantilena
5pm - 6:15pm | Cantabile

MONDAY OPTION (before rehearsal): Drop-in (no reservation required)
When: September 24 and October 1 (choose one)
3pm - 5pm | Purcell, Britten, and Holst

TUESDAY OR THURSDAY OPTION: Appointment required (use link below)
Dates remaining: September 25; 27 from 3pm-6pm.

Questions? Please email Ian.
Wardrobe Appointment
Wardrobe Fitting Volunteers
No prior experience is necessary--we will train you on fitting day. We need many hands to help the process go smoothly. Greeting and guiding our singers through the wardrobe fitting process requires a smile, some patience, and a desire to be helpful. Click below to view the opportunities and to volunteer. Thanks!
Wardrobe Volunteer