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Monday, September 11, 2017
Dear --FNAME--,

Needless to say, Hurricane Irma has made a huge impact on all of us here in Florida.  Keystone Computer Concepts is no exception.  We had to close for most of Thursday and Friday plus we'll be closed on Monday.  After that, we'll reopen as soon as we are able.   We have rescheduled our live seminar to this coming Saturday, September 16th but please know that is subject to change depending on how much damage Irma does to Florida's Treasure Coast.

Joyce and I hope and pray that all of our customers in Irma's path and their families remain safe.  

We also anticipate computing-related issues after the storm and we will do our best to aid in any way we can.

Finally, although Hurricane Irma is prevalent in our thoughts at the moment, we would be remiss if we overlooked 9-11.  Farther down in the email, you'll find a picture regarding 9-11.  Please click on the picture and visit the 911memorial.org web page.

Stay safe and take care.

Next Seminar
If you live on the Treasure Coast, our summer hiatus is over!  
Our first seminar of the season is this Saturday, September 16th! (Rescheduled from last week because of Hurricane Irma.)  We hope you'll join us.  The cost is still just $8 a person and there'll be coffee, tea, juice, donuts and other goodies so come a few minutes early!
We're very excited to see everyone and we have a lot of new info to share!  
The subject is "First Computer Bug?" and it will be from 10:00 a.m.-12 Noon at Trinity United Methodist Church in Jensen Beach, FL.  (Click on the picture above to get directions, etc.) You can find an outline of what we plan to cover by visiting our seminar page which you'll find HERE.

Webinars are back!
Have you signed up for our first September webinar?  If you're new to our webinars, they are free, 30-minute sessions held online.  You attend them from your home and office. Simply sign up, then log in at the appropriate time.
Our first September webinar:
Learning to Tag Pictures
One of the most frustrating things for me, when it comes to computing, is the time I waste trying to find a picture which I know I have but have no idea what it's called. Since I have over 10,000 pictures, you can imagine how much time I lose.
The solution?  Learning to tag pictures so that you can search the tag and show all pictures using that tag.
Join us for this 30-minute, free webinar and learn how to tag.
The webinar will be held Wednesday,
September 20th at 2:00 p.m.
Sign up by clicking the button below.

Register for the Webinar!
The summer is over and we have new hours of operation.  You can always check our hours by visiting www.4kcc.com/hours but here they are now:
Monday & Thursday
9:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.
Tuesday & Wednesday
9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
By appointment only
All times are Eastern Time.
If you need help outside these times, please contact us
by calling 772-408-4425
and making arrangements.
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Question of the Week

Question:  "I have held off as long as I can but now my children are telling me I need to get onto a Social Media site.  Which site would you recommend?"

Answer:  You may recognize this question from two weeks ago.  At that time, I talked about Facebook and Instagram.  Today, I'll talk about Twitter and Snapchat.
But, first, I need to share several important things about all the social media sites:
1) If you would like a social media site with total control of your privacy, I have some land in the Everglades you might want to purchase at a good price!  Although social media sites are getting much better at privacy, none of them are perfect.  You WILL give up some of your personal privacy when you join a social media site.
2) Social media sites can be addictive and time-consuming! There is so much info, tons of beautiful pictures from around the world and so many interesting people on social media sites that it can consume your entire day, if you let it.  It's important to manage your time on social media sites.
3) Social media connections are not the same as in-person conversations. The written word can sometimes be misinterpreted because you can't hear the inflection in the other person's voice.
Having said all that, let's talk briefly about two more social media sites you might consider joining.  (You can re-read about the first two by clicking the button below this article.)
Twitter used to be my favorite social media but, thanks to Instagram, it has fallen to second place with me. Here are the good things about Twitter:  
1)  Messages are limited to 140 characters so you're not subject to someone going on and on.  
2) It is very fast-paced so you can jump in and out of conversations at will.
3) It is often the first place news breaks.
Here are some negative things about Twitter:
1)  Message are limited to 140 characters so you have to learn new vocabulary shortcuts.  (Examples: GR8 for "great;" IMHO for "in my humble opinion;" 2 for "two" or "too;" etc.
2)  It is very fast-paced so you can easily miss conversations.
3)  It is often the first place mis-information (news stories without confirmation.) appear.  For instance, Betty White has been declared dead several times on Twitter much to her own amazement.
Snapchat allows a person to text or send pictures or video which then disappear appear after 24 hours. The app originally was used widely by teens to send sexy photos to their friends.  However, the app has now become a major form of communication for celebrities and on-air news personnel and others. Snapchat is a fun way to share videos and pictures because of the built-in filters.  The down side to Snapchat is that it takes some getting used to in terms of how to use it.  

Click here for the previous QOTW on Social Media
If you pre-ordered my book "How To Be Smarter Than Your Electronic Devices," please know that delivery has been delayed and it should now be available around Halloween.  I know some of you ordered multiple copies for Christmas gifts.  Please know you will have your order in plenty of time!
If you want to save $12 by pre-ordering my book and/or you want to read the Introduction page to the book, you can do that by clicking the button below.
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