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March 16, 2012

Board of Pensions' response to GA referral lacks remedy for Relief of Conscience concerns

by Marie Bowen

The 219th General Assembly (2010) urged the Board of Pensions:

"to develop a plan to ensure that funds from any Relief of Conscience churches do not go to fund abortions through any avenue."

Unlike their serious consideration of a similar "urging" related to the extension of benefits to same-sex domestic partners of Plan members, the BOP brushed off the concerns of Plan members who find the Plan's abortion coverage an affront to their Christian conscience.

The action of the GA was an alternate resolution to a Commissioner's Resolution (Item 18-12) urging the Board of Pensions to "discontinue paying for induced abortion as a covered benefit in its Medical Benefits Plan (unless a licensed physician documents that it is necessary to preserve the physical life of the mother)."

Even as the response may meet the formal criteria of a GA referral to one of its agencies, it fails to meet the standard of decent consideration of the underlying concerns and exposes weaknesses in the wording of the GA approved alternate resolution. Read more.

Abortion and the Medical Benefits Plan of the PCUSA
539 Churches have been certified as "Relief of Conscience" churches in the PCUSA. Do they know something you don't? Learn about abortion coverage in the mandatory PCUSA healthcare plan and find out how your church can apply for Relief of Conscience. Click here to read PPL's booklet on the topic online or email our office to request a copy.
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It's a shocking idea--that a parent should be allowed to take a baby's life after birth, for whatever reason the child is unwanted. Sad isn't it that most of us find that more shocking than abortion.

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Praying with PPL

March 18-24

Philippians 2:25-30; Psalm 23

Pray for those women who have suffered miscarriages; that God will sustain them by His power and will send His people to care for them.

Pray for those who minister to women suffering from the grief and guilt of abortion; that they will serve with love and compassion

in the name of Jesus Christ; the One who forgives and restores.

March 25-31

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Pray that you will hunger and thirst for righteousness by repenting and believing the Gospel all the days of your life.

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Yours in Christ for Life,

Marie Bowen
Executive Director
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