Communion Wine Bottling
We started a 5-gallon batch of communion wine a few weeks ago; now it's time to bottle it.  We'll gather at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 25th, bottle the wine and then head to the Italian Garden for supper. No reservations needed; just come.
Tubing or Not Tubing
Depends on the Weather
June 5th, 1:30.  We'll gather at Christ Chapel and carpool to the Lion's Club Tube Rental Center, then make the trip and be back well in time to get cleaned up and ready for worship at 5:30.  No reservations needed. Cost: $10 to rent the tube, but a $20 deposit is required, which can be put on a credit or debit card.
Congratulations, Graduates!
We watched with pride and joy as Kellie Kellett received her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Brandon Ricks his Master's Degree in Creative Writing. Kellie's on to a new real grown-up type of job in Austin, while Brandon continues his career in the Air Force. What the Air Force will do with a guy whose degree is in Creative Writing remains to be seen, but perhaps he can rewrite maintenance manuals:  
        "When the skies grow leaden, thick with clouds
        And ravens pepper the first light snow
        Searching with hungry hope and nameless fear,
        Hearken, 'tis time to lubricate the landing gear."

Whatever our grads do, they always do well.  So congratulations to them both. Graduating in August: Nathan "Juice-Juice" Anderson.
Brandon doing the graduate leap
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Christ Chapel joined with UCM in selling hand-made Valentine's Day cards this Spring, raising more than $1500 for the Hays County Food Bank.
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We're trying out a new e-mail service. Let us know what you think of it and what we can do to make it better. All suggestions are appreciated! 
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Hill Country Zoo (formerly Snake Farm) just keeps getting better.  We had a great trip there this spring, but we'll have to go again this Fall. Why? One word: Sloths!
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