Weekly Notes From Madison Youth Choirs
Thursday, February 15, 2018
This Weekend With MYC
Sunday, February 18, Westgate Studios
    4:00 - 5:30PM    Choraliers
    4:00 - 5:30PM    Con Gioia
    4:15 - 6:15PM    Ragazzi
    5:45 - 7:45PM    Capriccio
    5:45 - 8:00PM    Cantilena
    6:30 - 9:00PM    Cantabile
Monday, February 19, Westgate Studios
    5:30 - 7:00PM    Purcell
    5:30 - 7:00PM    Britten
    7:15 - 8:45PM    Holst

If you need to report an absence or late arrival, please complete the on-line absence form linked in the header section above. As a safety measure, if your singer is not checked in at rehearsal and we have not heard they will be absent, we will call you to verify the absence. The best way to reach us during rehearsals is via the MYC cell phone: 608-770-7464.

Keep reading for all the details you need to know!
2017-18 MYC Season T-Shirts: Orders Due by Monday, February 19
Sister Cities | Seriously Funny
Celebrate our fabulous 2017-18 season with a limited edition commemorative T-shirt showcasing our program artwork on a classic black background. Orders are due by Monday, February 19, and can be placed via the link(s) below (choose credit card or check). Shirts are $12 ($15 for 2XL+) and will be delivered to rehearsals in early March. All sales are final: please view the shirt size guidelines before ordering.

Sadly, these shirts will NOT be available after Monday,
February 19. (For real.) Don't miss out--place your order today!

Wow! Some of you are off to a roaring start! Congratulations! We see Facebook fundraisers popping up on behalf of MYC, and online donations being made already from friends and family far and near.

What To Do This Week:
Finalize how you will make your appeal and who you will contact. Are you writing a letter? Sending an email? Setting up a Facebook fundraiser?  However you decide to communicate your MYC story, this is the week to do the hard work of organizing your thoughts, deciding who to contact, and writing your appeal. Once this is done, the rest is easy!

Read the Family Guide for inspiration and set a goal for finalizing and sending your letter/appeal by next week (February 25/26).

Remember: the first measure of participation is sharing your MYC story with at least one person outside of your immediate family and our goal is 100% participation! 

Purcell, Britten, and Holst: read through the Family Guide and bring your Golden Ticket to rehearsal on Monday (it's a treat week!).

Deciding to participate is often the biggest hurdle. Consider the following encouraging comments from your fellow MYC parents:

The first year we did the campaign I was hesitant. It felt weird to ask family/friends for money without giving them something tangible in return. Much to my surprise, I found family members were more than happy to contribute to a cause they knew was a positive, important organization to their nephew/grandson; and they appreciated knowing all their donation amount benefited the organization (as opposed to buying cookies and the organization only getting a small portion of the proceeds).

I am humbled and grateful that friends and family have been thrilled to support our daughter's life and thank us for including them.  Even long-distance relatives who aren't able to attend an MYC concert (or benefit from fruit, poinsettias, coffee, etc) are excited for the opportunity to participate in this campaign.
It's MYChoir (IMC) is both a fundraising campaign and an opportunity for members and staff to share with the wider community the importance of music education and the benefits it provides. Because tuition alone covers less than 50% of the total cost of each singer's enrollment, fundraising is a necessary part of MYC membership. We count on families to fully participate and meet their $200 family fundraising goal each year to help cover the tuition gap. Thank you for participating!
Spring Introductory Choir
For students ages 7-10, new sessions of introductory choir begin soon and registration is open on our website under the Join A Choir tab. Completing introductory choir is the first step toward joining a year-long choir for singers this age.
Madison Boychoir Festival
February 24, 2018 | West High School, Madison

Members of Purcell, Britten, Holst and Ragazzi play host to hundreds of fellow singers from all over Madison and southern Wisconsin at our 8th Annual Madison Boychoir Festival on Saturday, February 24.

NEW this year: the Elementary choir for grades 2-5 begins an hour later at 10AM (instead of 9AM). This means Purcell and Britten singers in grades 2-5 should plan to arrive at West High School at 9:45AM. Purcell and Britten singers in grades 6 and above, along with all Holst and Ragazzi singers should plan to arrive at 8:45AM for their 9:00AM start. (Don't worry, we'll remind you!) 

The FREE, public concert begins at 12:30PM and we will be finished by 1:15PM.

This is not only an amazing day for our singers and the community; it's an amazing day filled with logistical victories made possible by our excellent volunteers--YOU! Please consider joining us!
February orders are due Monday, February 19. Families receive $5/unit sold toward their fundraising contribution goal.

Choir! Choir! Choir!
Parents: Choir! Choir! Choir! is coming to Madison. This community experience started in Canada as a weekly drop-in singing event and combines group building, singing, and comedy. You get a lyric sheet at the door, they teach you a vocal arrangement, and record a video of the evening! It's usually a familiar pop song (think Queen, Prince, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Talking Heads, etc.)

Saturday, February 24, 5PM, at High Noon Saloon.
Run MadTown and Brat Fest Fundraising Opportunities
Both of these events take place Memorial Day Weekend and provide wonderful opportunities to raise money for Madison Youth Choirs (and make advanced progress toward your 2018-19 family fundraising contribution, i.e., NEXT season's goal for singers planning to return.)