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April 4, 2012

© Spectral-Design - Image# 8449641Original Christian Voices Against Euthanasia


David W.T.Brattston

The Problem

According to its advocates, euthanasia is morally neutral or even a positive good within the framework of ethics, including Christian ethics. But is euthanasia really moral? It certainly is not when inflicted by Christians.

Euthanasia Described

Euthanasia is the deliberate hastening of death to spare the patient a period of suffering or incapacity. The usual cases for which euthanasia is advocated are persons with an incurable disease or permanent coma, but secondary uses include sparing the deformed, the mentally-impaired, or the handicapped-usually newborns-from languishing the rest of their lives under irreversible barriers that prevent them from living a self-sufficient or "full" life.

Far from ill-will, the motives of the killers are thus at least understandable or apparently well-intentioned, for they are rooted in compassion toward the patient; hence the alterative terms "mercy killing" and "put them out of their misery".

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© Mitarart - Image# 28577260Gretchen was a heroin addict
Gretchen was a heroin addict. Her face showed the wear and tear of a twenty-something who had spent some hard nights on the streets of Akron. Homeless and despondent, Gretchen was one of those people who-if I'm really honest-is sometimes tough to be around. She's difficult to love. Her once intelligent and amicable personality hid behind a mask of bawdy drug abuse.

It wasn't infrequently that she called me, a pastor, long past midnight to rescue her from some precarious situation. Well do I remember the night that she called me around 1:00 am to pull her drunk husband off of her. It had gotten violent. A meth addict, Jeff was unpredictable and vicious. I arrived just before the police and stood between the two of them until the sirens came. Read the full story.

Resources for Ministry Hands young and old
at the End of Life

PPL Position Statement on Euthanasia

The March/April 2011 issue of Theology Matters

Lutherans for Life

The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity

Recommended Books:

Complete Guide to Caring for Aging Loved Ones, Edited By: Henry Holstege, Robert Rickse, Focus on the Family

Basic Questions on End of Life Decisions, Gary P. Stewart and others, Kregel, 1998, available from PPL

Euthanasia, Spiritual, Medical & Legal Issues in Terminal Health Care, Beth Spring & Ed Larson, Multnoma 1988, available from PPL

"Redd up" for the 220th PCUSA GA

June 30-July 7, 2012, Pittsburgh, PA

pc-biz PC-Biz: Did you know you can read all the overtures and reports coming to the 2012 General Assembly online? Click on the picture to go to the PC-Biz website. Once there click on the Explorer tab and without entering a subject, click 'search'. All the overtures will appear in a numbered list. Just click on an overture title to see the text.

Articles of interest for members of the PCUSA

Equipping for effective witness at the 220th GA, from Presbyterian Lay Committee website

Carmen Fowler, President of the Presbyterian Lay Committee, addresses inequities in the way the Board of Pensions responded to two referrals from the 219th GA. See PPL's related article from our March Enews.
Speaking the Truth in Love, by Mary Holder Naegeli, Executive Director of the Presbyterian Coalition
Reports of numerous GA Special Committees to 220th GA now available online, Office of the General Assembly, posted March 27, 2012 by Sharon Youngs.
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Original Christian Voices Against Euthanasia
Gretchen was a heroin addict
Resources for ministry
"Redd up" for GA
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Perhaps your congregation could provide food & beverages for one day at PPL's Hospitality Suite.

Consider hosting a pre-GA training on giving effecitve testimony in GA committees.

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Copy our petition asking the Board of Pensions to stop covering abortion. Gather signatures in your congregation and send them to the PPL office. We will deliver them to the Assembly committee that is considering this issue.


Praying with PPL

April 8-14

Philippians 3:2-6;
Jeremiah 9:25-26

Pray that you in no way rely upon your own works but rest solely in Christ as your only hope in life and in death.

Pray for those who set up and stand with PPL displays at Presbytery meetings; that God

will empower them with His Holy Spirit and protect them from evildoers.

April 15-21

Philippians 3:7-11;
Jeremiah 24:4-7

Pray for PPL Board members (past and present) who are struggling with health issues; give thanks that in our risen Lord we have newness of life and will one day be given resurrected bodies.

Pray that God would work though the PC (USA) renewal groups to bring about a revival; that God might build up rather than tear down, and that His people would return to Him with their whole heart.

April 22-28

Philippians 3:12-16; Acts 15:36-41

Pray that we will be mature and wise in standing for the truth and not break fellowship with other faithful Christians over secondary matters.

Pray that PPL will stand with other gospel-loving and gospel-affirming believers to proclaim the sanctity of human life; and for Marie Bowen as she speaks at a community pro-life event in St. Mary's, PA.

This week we remember the crucifixion death of our Lord and we celebrate His victorious triumph over sin and death through his resurrection! The truths we rehearse during Holy Week are central truths of the gospel. We were once dead in our sins, but in Christ's death our death penalty is forever paid. In Christ's resurrection we have been made alive. Rejoice! Everything has changed. Our Lord and Savior lives!
A joyous life-filled Easter to you and yours,

Marie Bowen
Executive Director
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