June 29, 2020


Thursday, July 2, 2020
6 PM – 7 PM
Online Webinar

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YES! You can make your home or business more energy efficient, even during the pandemic.

Mass Save is a statewide program sponsored by the utilities to offer low-cost and no-cost measures for improving energy efficiency for your home or small business. The program is funded by an energy efficiency fee that everyone pays on their utility bills.

During a time when MassSave contractors cannot make on-site visits, the Mass Save sponsors are offering special no-cost incentives for homeowners, landlords and renters, and for small businesses.

Right now, for any qualifying residential customer who schedules a Virtual Home Energy Assessment by July 31, the Mass Save program will cover 100% of your insulation upgrade costs.

Small businesses (over 85% of the businesses in Pittsfield!) can receive any of a number of 100% no-cost incentives if they schedule a Virtual Assessment and have a signed contract in place by August 31.

Please join us for this special webinar to find out how can sign up to save money and help save the environment by saving energy.


Why energy efficiency matters
Why are BEAT and No Fracked Gas in Mass so interested in energy efficiency?
Because saving energy helps fight climate change by cutting emissions.

Unless you’re entirely off grid or you only use energy when your grid-tied solar is generating more than you use, when you flip a switch or your air conditioning or furnace goes on, your home or business is creating climate changing greenhouse gas emissions.  Although Massachusetts ranks within the top five states for solar power generation capacity, about two-thirds of our electric is powered by fracked gas, and nearly all heating is from gas, fuel oil or electricity.* The less energy you use, the more you lower your personal carbon footprint, and cut demand for fossil fuels more fossil fuel infrastructure.

Also, if you plan to add rooftop solar and high efficiency heat pumps to help drastically cut your carbon footprint, getting your home or business as energy efficient as possible can cut down on the size of system you’ll need to install. So, yes, getting efficient saves you money on your utility bills, but it can also cut your carbon footprint, and possibly help cut some of the cost of switching to clean energy systems.

This is why in 2019, BEAT’s No Fracked Gas in Mass program launched EEPittsfield.org to help folks become more aware of energy efficiency options. Though the focus of EE Pittsfield is reaching residents of Pittsfield, the Mass Save program is available throughout the state.

If you’re not familiar with Mass Save, this webinar is a chance to find out what this state-wide program offers, including special time-limited offers available this summer.

If you’re unable to attend the webinar, we will be posting video afterward on our YouTube Channel.

You can also start the Mass Save process directly!
It’s easy and is available in multiple languages.

» Residential customers (Homeowners, landlords or renters in 1 to 4 unit buildings), take the Online Home Energy Assessment at www.masssave.com/OHEA

» Small business customers (any business, whether you rent or own your location, that uses  less than 1.4 million kWh or electricity or 40,000 therms of gas per year),
call 866-527-SAVE (7283)

Or visit www.eepittsfield.org for more info.
TUESDAY — JUNE 30, 2020 — ONLINE  — 2 PM – 3 PM
Hosted by Green Energy Consumers Alliance

Webinar: How to Buy Clean Electricity

Join this FREE webinar to learn how to purchase clean electricity in Massachusetts and make a difference in the way we source our electricity. With a myriad of confusing and competing offers, we’ll sift through what’s fact and what’s fiction, how to keep from paying through the roof for clean electricity, what purchases change our electric grid for the better and next steps in the electricity market in MA.
Free public event.

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Would you like to engage your community group, neighborhood association or employees in participating in the MassSave program? Talk to us! We’re happy to help get your group stared. Let us know what group communication method works best for you during this time of social isolation: info for your regular organization newsletters, conference call, Zoom meeting or presentation.
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