"That's Crazy Business!"
Our youngest grandson, Ransom, visited us over the Christmas holidays. He is 2 1/2. At some point he used the phrase, "that's crazy business!" It struck a chord with me, perhaps because it more or less describes my life as PPL's Executive Director right now. It's busy, exciting, overwhelming, and hopeful as we seek to follow God's lead into a new, more relational focus on equipping leaders for Christo-centric ministry that leads to life.  

Transitions, while times of excitement and hope, demand creative energy, time for thoughtful, intentional planning, and can throw a good measure of chaos into daily organizational routines. In other words, "crazy business" happens especially in January--already the busiest month for pro-life organizations.

Bottom line--no original articles for this newsletter, not much I can tell you yet about our new direction, but please stay with us!  I think you are going to want to be a part of what God has in store for PPL in 2017! In the meantime I've posted links below to some of the best resources and articles I've found this month. I hope you will find them inspiring and useful.
Presbyterians Pro-Life is pleased to introduce a new worship resource: monthly images for use as Power Point slides in worship, as social media posts, or for inclusion in church bulletins and newsletters. Find the images on our website and the PPL Facebook page
PPL invites your church to raise a distinctively Presbyterian and Reformed voice for life on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, and throughout the year. PPL's 2017 bulletin insert proclaims, "God is the Lord of Life!" and is deliberately undated so that you may use it on any Sunday. 
March for Life Jan 27
Join Marie Bowen on the March for Life
Pray with Pam Tebow, Ryan Bombarger, Fr. Frank Pavone, Ben Carson and others at the National Prayer Service at Constitution Hall 8:30-10:30 am.
​Be inspired at the Evangelicals for Life Conference Thursday-Friday, Jan 26-28. 
Links to related events both D.C. & local can be found on the March for Life page.
For Life Leaders
Come, get inspired and informed to equip your church to champion life as a layperson, ministry leader, or pastor through expert speakers, workshops, warm fellowship, and delicious food. 
PPL Recommends . . .
Church Silence on Abortion: Deafening and Deadly, by Sean Martin, The Christian Post
The life of a baby, no less sacred before birth than after birth,  Maria Gallagher, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation
The Infinite Value of Every Life, by Eric Metaxes, Breakpoint
Bioethicist makes powerful stand for unborn babies at Citizens' Assembly, Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (11 minute video)
How to talk with your pro-choice friends,​​ from Care Net (30 minute audio)

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