We're Open!  Seminar Saturday!
Hurricane Irma is gone!!

Dear --FNAME--,

If you are a customer who was in Hurricane Irma's path, Joyce and I hope you are well and that your home sustained little or no damage.

For us here at Keystone Computer Concepts, we lost power, phone, Internet and cell tower access for two days.  It was very frustrating knowing that our customers couldn't reach us!

Fortunately, we are back up and running.  We're back to normal hours (click button below for our hours), the phones are working and Remote Technical Support is open.

If you live on Florida's Treasure Coast and are able to attend, we're having our first seminar of the season this Saturday.  As you probably know, it was originally scheduled for last Saturday.  If things aren't too crazy for you and you're in the area, we hope to see you there.  10:00 a.m.-12 Noon, $8 a person, Trinity United Methodist Church, 2221 NE Savannah Rd., Jensen Beach, FL  34057

Take care and have a great rest of the week.


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