Urban Aspect
National and international artists in a juried exhibition exploring the world's urban landscapes - curated by Jeremy Mann

Artists worldwide submitted their cityscape/city-inspired paintings to our call for entries. Artist Jeremy Mann had the daunting task of selecting the cream of the crop from an overwhelming group of outstanding submissions to hang on our walls. Scroll down to see the full list of artists included; you'll see some familiar names from our stable of artists and many new ones as well! We can't wait for you to see the incredible quality of work in this show!

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Alexander Adell

Scott Bartner

Nicolas Borderies

Suchitra Bhosle

David Bruce

Web Bryant

Oscar Cabana

David Cheifetz

Valerio D’Ospina

Jeff Faerber

Adam Forfang

Felicia Forte

Stuart Fullerton

Greg Gandy

Cristobal Perez Garcia

Frank Gardner

Tina Garrett

Gavin Glakas

Jonathan Gleed

Ski Holm

E.E. Jacks

Diann Benoit Jameyfield

Kevin Kehoe

Glen Kessler

Gaetanne Lavoie

Francis Livingston

Jesse Mangerson

Jeremy Mann

Jennifer McChristian

Paul Mordetsky

Nicholas O’Leary

Gage Opdenbrouw

Matthew Paoletti

Gregory Prestegord

Paula Rubino

John Sanchez

Britt Snyder

Iain Stewart

Julio Suarez

Gina Tecson

Steven Walker

James Wolford

William Wray

Recent Arrivals
Teresa Oaxaca
In Taberna 48x32, oil on canvas
Jeremy Mann
The Night on Geary Ave. 16x24, oil on panel
Winter Chicago 36x36, oil on panel

Francis Livingston
Alexandria Sunset 15x15, oil on board

Dipper 17x17, oil on board
Spinner Shadows 16x20, oil on board
Matthew Metzger
Sunyata VIII 25x25, oil on panel
The Sea VI 25x25, oil on panel
Fletcher Sibthorp
The Idleness of Spring 21.5x30, oil on linen

Kate Wolfgang Savage
Reconciliation 12x12, oil on panel

Ellen Eagle
Portrait of the Young Artist Marela Alvarez 11x9.25, pastel on pumice

Pamela Wilson
Refusing the Epiphany 20x16, oil on panel
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