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Times are tough and we could all use more things to smile about. Feel Good Friday is a collection of fun and inspiring Boys & Girls Clubs' highlights intended to end your week on a high note. 
Local Update: Club kits were a hit! We are so thankful that Erie Grill, Del Monte Hotel Group, and B. Giambrone & Co. donated these gourmet food kits for our Club families. 55 of our families RSVP'd in less than 3 hours! Their hard work and dedication to the Club helps us continue to help our families weekly during these uncertain times!
Trevor Noah of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” and Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, joined Jim Clark on a Microsoft Teams video call to discuss key issues related to COVID-19, how Clubs across the country are responding to the crisis, and where audiences can go to support the Boys & Girls Clubs COVID-19 Relief FundWatch the video!​​​​​​​
NFL Hall of Famer and BGCA Alumni Hall of Famer, Andre Reed, shares a special message with the Boys & Girls Club Movement.
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