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May 2014

Presbyterians Pro-Life seeks both to be a prophetic witness to the Presbyterian Church (USA) and to aid and equip Reformed bodies in upholding the sacred value of human life and the family. Presbyterians Pro-Life ENEWS is published periodically by Presbyterians Pro-Life, Research, Education and Care, Inc.  


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The Quality of Life and A Life of Quality

by P.J. Southam

The Westminster Shorter Catechism teaches us that life has a purpose and a meaning: to glorify God and enjoy him forever. Another way of saying that would be "to love God and to be loved by God." Since the Great Commandment is to love God with everything in us, and to love our neighbors, I believe that we can evaluate how well we have fulfilled our purpose in life by how well we have loved God and loved o

ur neighbors.A commonly heard term is "quality of life." People who use this term seem to equate quality of life with what someone can get from this world. I believe that a life of quality is one which loves God and loves others. I be

lieve it is a false notion to separate quality of life from a life of quality. 



Memorials testify to the value of life
by Marie Bowen

Who will value, remember and reflect on the lives of aborted babies?

Remembering members of the Armed Forces

On May 26 Americans will set aside work to honor and remember those of the United States Armed Forces who have died in military service. "Memorial Day" is a time many set aside to reflect on the dearness of lives lost, visiting cemeteries and memories, and recounting the value added to our own lives by those we have loved who have died.

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PPL invites your engagement in our work. Please pray with us, get involved in activities that lift up the value of each human life in your own church and community, and as God enables, please give to support the work of Presybterians Pro-Life. 


In Christ for Life,


Marie Bowen
Executive Director
Presbyterians Pro-Life
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Quality of Life & Life of Quality
Memorials testify to value of life
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May 11-17

Read Genesis 4:1; 29:33-35; 30:22

Worship God for the wonder of his act of creation in each child conceived. Thank God for your own life and for your mother who carried you to term.

Pray that God will heighten your awareness of the value of each human life, born and unborn.


May 18-24

Read 2 Peter 1:16-21

Pray and thank God for the work of The Holy Spirit in revealing the truth of Scripture and planting it deep in our hearts.

Pray that PPL will be faithful to the truth of Scripture in our writing, our witness, and our work.


May 25-31

Read Matthew 18:1-6; John 15:13

Pray and give thanks for all those who have followed Christ's model and have laid down their lives to protect our home and freedom.

Pray that we will stand to defend the lives of children and the weak even when the cost to ourselves is great.

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