Psalm 27

Verses 13 & 14

                “This I believe – that I will see the goodness of the LORD

                                in the land of the living!

                Wait for the LORD and be strong.

                                Take heart and wait for the LORD!”

I have several “go to” verses of scripture, and from time to time find a new one.  A few of those memorized verses were appointed for the 2nd Sunday of Advent – a call to comfort the people of God and a reminder that we are called to live in the midst of the beginning of the Good News.  Both Isaiah and Mark are writing to a people who know something about waiting for the Lord.

For devotion I generally turn to the daily lectionary found in the back of our Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnal, so that I find new and different verses to ponder.  The psalm for this first half of the week following the 2nd Sunday of Advent is the 27th Psalm.  I have highlighted the last two verses, but encourage you to read (or chant) all 14 verses. 

Waiting can be difficult.  It seems that we 

hear a lot about waiting this time of year.  The psalmist calls for us to wait, but that is not all.  This psalm is full of issues that our world continues to deal with: evil and fear, sanctuary and mercy, and abandonment.  We cry out to God, waiting for an answer. 

As with many things of faith and life, this holy waiting is more than it may seem.  Holy waiting, or waiting for the Lord, is not passive.  Holy waiting is an active thing in which we participate fully.  This season of Advent is about so much more than waiting for the calendar to flip through the blustery days of December.  We wait with a holy expectation of all that is to come and all that has already been given to us.

We live already knowing the gifts of Christmas and the Holy Spirit.  Yet we join with saints as we wait in this holy way for what is still to come.  While we wait we pray and listen, prepare the way of the Lord, and work to see the Lord.  And best yet, we strive to help others to “see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!”  Perhaps waiting should be hard work.

We pray: God of comfort and strength, be with us as we wait.  Guide our steps as we work to see you in our midst and show you to those we encounter. Amen.

To ponder: 

  • Where are you being pulled to wait this season? 
  • In the midst of the often felt sorrow of this season, how do we wait in a holy way with friends, family, or ourselves?

Rev. Katie Russell, pastor

Hope Lutheran

Sioux Center, Iowa

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