Carmina Burana Quick Reminders for Our Weekend With the Madison Symphony
Friday, April 29, 2016
Happy Friday, Boychoir Families!

Everyone is doing a fantastic job not only singing but also representing MYC in a most professional and charming manner both on and off the Overture stage. Thank you!

Tonight is the first of our three (thrilling!) Carmina Burana performances and we want to share the short list of quick reminders we gave the boys last night so everyone is on the same page. As always, if you have any questions, please be in touch with us. Thank you!

Arrival Time at Security
  • 7:30pm Friday
  • 8:00pm Saturday
  • 2:30pm Sunday

These times coincide with the beginning of the concert. If you are attending, your son may be dropped at security a few minutes before the times listed above.

Traffic and parking on performance evenings are always more challenging than on rehearsal evenings. Thank you for planning ahead to ensure you arrive on time!

Pick up is immediately following the end of the concert (at security!), roughly two hours after the times listed above.

A note about pick up: Overture has blocked off the parking spots across from security for our parents to pull in briefly for drop off and pick up. Boys have been instructed to "check out" with MYC staff or a parent chaperone when they see their ride arrive so we can visually ensure everyone is safely returned to their parent. Thank you for your being on time and for your patience at pick up!

Concert Wardrobe
Boys should arrive wearing their full concert wardrobe: blue blazer, boychoir tie (already tied, please!), white Oxford shirt, khaki pants, black socks, black dress shoes.

Please Do NOT Bring Music or Boychoir Slingsack
The boys no longer need to bring their music with them and if they can survive without an overcoat, that would also be helpful to leave behind as we don't have a lot of space backstage to keep track of extra items.

Security Passes
The best place to keep the security pass going forward is in the pocket of your singer's khaki pants so it's easily accessible as they enter the security area. They are doing an excellent job of showing their pass at security! MYC staff will be available to help if a pass is lost.

Thank you, again, for keeping track of the many details we have shared this week. We know it's a lot to manage and we appreciate everyone's supportive, enthusiastic attitude toward providing this memorable Carmina Burana performance opportunity for the boychoir.

Please be in touch with us if you have any questions. Thank you!