IT'S 2016 - ARE YOU READY????
Transformation Lab
Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month.
8:15 a.m. - Noon
Nookies Restaurant
1100 W. Bryn Mawr
Chicago IL 60640

Come as our guest in January and experience this energetic mastermind where creativity and business intersect.

Watch this amazing video by Theo Economides on AdaptAgility and enjoy a small sample of what we do. 
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2 New Workshops Build Stronger Leaders and more Innovative Teams

I. Strengthen Your Business with Creativity  - Use FourSight to understand how to build teams that problem solve daily and create ongoing success.

II. The Agile Leader  - One of the most basic leadership skills, agility makes you stronger and leads to continuous growth.

Contact me today to provide continuing education for you and your team.
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1-1 Coaching Spots
Now Open for 2016

Everyone always asks me, "How can we grow faster, reduce our learning curve and abolish stress?"​ My guiding principle is that business owners deserve to enjoy bottom-line profitability so their companies can positively impact their lives, the community in which they work and the world at large. 

Each year I take on a very limited number of individual clients. My successful experience in growing my own businesses makes me uniquely qualified to help you grow yours. You will embrace creativity to strengthen your leadership, increase your profitability, engage your employees and have way more fun doing it! Make 2016 your best year yet. Invest in yourself and your belief in your business.

Join NAWBO Chicago and Enterprising Women Foundation on January 28, 2016 for the Chicago Young Enterprising Women Mentoring Tea
4:30 - 6:30 pm
Catalyst Ranch
656 W. Randolph St #3W
Chicago IL 60661
Individual Tickets: $75
Honorary Co-Chair: $500
Help send 2 young women to the 2016 Enterprising Women's Foundation National Conference.

Networking gets in swing with the SBAC Women in Business Committee breakfast event on January 6, 2016.
9:00 - 10:30 am
Bespeak Studios
737 W. Wrightwood
Chicago, IL 60614

Don't miss this  opportunity to make high-quality connections while enjoying great food. We encourage both women and men to join us at this event. Please feel free to invite guests to attend. Breakfast will be FREE! Tea, coffee, and juice are provided.
RSVP is required!
Steve Sawyer, Ameriprise Financial and Heather Major, Plan2Grow, are on a roll. Their already successful businesses have taken on a new life of their own. There is no stopping them this year. Join them at Transformation Lab on the 1st or 3rd Tuesday in January and save. 1st session is on us. See sidebar.
MY MISSION:  Change how owners of small business operate. Why own a business unless you reap financial reward, make a greater impact on your world and have more fun and flexibility?

As a 3x multi-million dollar business owner, I’ve experienced all the ups and downs: soaring-in-the-sky success and hang-your-head-in-your-lap- failure! The ups are mind-bending; the lows are mind-blowing.

It's not just that I've experienced huge success and horrible failure. It’s what I’ve done with it. For the last 16 years I've studied leadership, business expansion, innovation and team-building. I've exclusively coached and consulted small business owners and their teams everywhere. My success comes from an innate ability to facilitate growth, based on solid business knowledge and an acute understanding of people.
Are you ready to reclaim your passion for greatness?

How do you stack up in these 3 key areas?

1. Evolving Leadership   
The same skills you applied when you first started your business are not the ones you need today.You started out with passion, perseverance, a plan. You knew what you wanted to create and why. As you’ve grown, the weight of managing marketing, sales, hiring, firing, cash flow and staying ahead of the competition has depleted your energy, your fire, and your life. It’s not so fun anymore. This is the year to reclaim that passion, find out what you can do now, how you can do it and what skills you really need to grow smarter and faster. Once you identify and understand what is not working, you have a chance to change it.

2. People

I know you understand at some level how important people are to your growth. But, do you know how to hire the right people and put them in the right positions? As a certified Four Sight user I teach you how to build teams that consistently contribute to your growth – teams that succeed and innovate daily. Changing the way you approach everyday problems hugely impacts how you grow. Small businesses that are forever scrapping for cash let people-building fall to the bottom of the heap. No time, no money, no training. This cycle can be broken and much easier than you think.
3. Desire
Remember the passion you had when you first started to build your business? Do you still have it today or are you tired? Tired of fighting fires or spending money with no results? Do you want to feel, once again, the satisfaction of owning your own business, of making a difference in the lives of the people you serve? Has your business become simply a commodity or do you experience the thrill, everyday, of the importance of what you’ve built?

I’m on a mission this year. I want to coach as many business owners as I can so you can empower as many people as you can – your clients, your employees, your community and your world.  Start today to change the trajectory of your business and your life.  When your business is successful, when you feel like the success you are, your status changes and your success not only impacts you, it enables you to do good in the world. Will you be one of the people I coach????
How Do We Work Together?
We start with an initial strategy session that brings out the good, the bad and the ugly. From this conversation we set milestones to plot your growth and chart your progress. Coaching is not time-consuming. It is not expensive. You are investing in your future success. After the initial session, we meet for 30 minutes a week over 6 months.  Phone, Skype and Face Time make this possible. 
Contact me at 773-957-8582 or Visit my website, and hear from some of my clients. Together, we effect change.
Thanks for all that you do. You are a great person and an outstanding coach!!!                        D.C. Mad Hatter
In this year of collaboration, Gail has helped direct my individual growth as a leader, review difficult options around staffing and marketing, worked with my team and provided leadership coaching for my group manager.                       Charles Choi, Choi Design Group
Much as I try to keep personal & business life separate, the reality is anything but; there have been significant personal issues that impact my business; you guide me to perk myself up, re-plan and keep moving forward, adjusting goals to reflect my present reality (tortoise vs. hare plans).                   Cara Lindell, Kinetic Konnections
Thank you Gail for the 4Sight-Creative Problem Solving Workshop. It was extremely well received by our entire team. Key points of impact:- culture development - individual trait(s) illumination - fun team builder activities - improved awareness on cohesive differences in team member traits- the need for individual and team growth and development actions- demonstrated a commitment to company growth and development.          Sean Armstead, Phenomenal Fitness
360 E. Randolph St. | Chicago | Illinois | 60601