May Newsletter
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This year's luncheon is in the history books as another wonderful success. We had a full house of supporters to hear heartwarming and inspiring speeches from our corpsmembers -- past and present -- Ramon Leija, Andreyna Aviles, Tashi Brown, Kyland Turner and Freddie Serrano. Guests also celebrated our honorees Lauren Bon & Metabolic Studio, Enrique C. Zaldivar from LA Sanitation, and our very own Bruce Saito. These individuals have all dedicated their lives and work to making this a better and brighter Los Angeles for all of us. Last, but certainly not least, we paid tribute to our corpsmembers whose lives are shining examples of the triumph and transformation possible when youth are given opportunities to learn, work and serve their communities while surrounded by people who truly believe in them and their potential. 

Our heartfelt thanks to all of our attendees and supporters who made this day of celebration and appreciation possible. We invite you to visit our Facebook page to see more photos from the day.


A Corpsmember's Roman Holiday 

Brian Langston, one of our outstanding corpsmembers who currently works in our Administrative Offices as an IT assistant, recently had the trip of a lifetime. He traveled to Rome, Italy in March for two weeks to run the Rome Marathon and to take in the sights of this historic city.

How did this come about, you ask? Well, it happened by chance, really. While attending Los Angeles Trade Technical College, a surprise speaker by the name of Judge Craig Mitchell came to Brian's class to talk about his difficult beginnings. He chronicled how he overcame the challenges of homelessness and illiteracy to become a school teacher, and then Los Angeles County Superior Court judge. Having a similar background, Brian was inspired by Judge Mitchell's story, and stepped outside of his comfort zone to speak up and ask the judge if they could keep in contact. To this request, Judge Mitchell invited Brian to join the Midnight Mission Running Club that he leads each week.

The rest, as they say, is history. Just by reaching out to a potential mentor for guidance, Brian went from running casually with the group on Skid Row, to running in the 2014 LA Marathon, to running in this year's Rome Marathon. Brian says that he's inspired by all of the generous supporters of his journey, and continues on because he wants to show his supporters that investing in him was worthwhile. 

As for his time in Rome, Brian says "it was a dream" and that taking this trip made him realize the importance of coming back to Los Angeles to "do better in life." He also remarked that taking this trip across the pond showed him that world is much bigger than he originally thought. It opened his mind to more things that he wants to do. 

Brian hopes to inspire other young people to get involved with the running group, and to help them take advantage of the same life-changing opportunities that made such a wonderful difference in his life.

We look forward to great things from Brian in the future!

To learn more about Judge Mitchell and his running club, check out these links:
Tree Planting with Cal State University Northridge
Accounting Association Students              
On Saturday, April 25th, we held another great tree planting with California State University Northridge's Accounting Association. These amazing volunteers, who worked alongside our terrific corpsmembers, planted several Crype Myrtle trees along Reseda Boulevard in the Northridge area. These trees were selected because they are drought and heat tolerant, and they thrive in full sun. We have plenty of that in LA, right?

Our skilled staff and corpsmembers gave the volunteers an overview of our tree selection and approval processes, advised them on tree planting basics, and walked them through important safety protocols. Following the event, one of the group's organizers shared that this was a great experience for their group, and that it was one of the best charitable events that they've had. Way to go, team!

To see more photos from the fun-filled day, check out our Facebook page!

Little Green Fingers On The National Stage
Our Little Green Fingers team was recently selected to present at the American Community Gardening Association's 36th Annual National Conference, which will take place in Denver, CO in August. Our team, led by Deborah Fryman, Little Green Fingers' Senior Program Manager, will provide an overview of their innovative program and present their evaluation findings. Congratulations and good luck, everyone!
A very special shout out to one of our Luncheon sponsors, Republic Waste Services of Southern California, for their outstanding dedication to partnering with organizations like us to keep our communities clean!
The LA Conservation Corps' primary mission is to provide at-risk young adults and school-aged youth with opportunities for success through job skills training, education and work experience with an emphasis on conservation and service projects that benefit the community. 
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