August 8, 2017
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Introducing: FLEXOMAID

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The truth is, printers have long deserved better cleaning solutions for their anilox and gravure cylinders. But the frustration of poor or inconsistent roll cleaning is now a thing of the past, thanks to the new global approach developed by FLEXOMAIDTM with state-of-the-art innovations.

The AEROMAIDTM system from FLEXOMAIDTM is uses state-of-the-art air-stream technology to provide extraordinarily efficient, non-abrasive and contact-free cleaning that is safe for all your rolls. You’ll get the peace of mind only consistently reliable results can give. Read More
Improving Color Across Suppliers

By Shoshana Burgett, Director of Corporate Strategy for X-Rite Pantone

The process of bringing a product to market is complicated. Like most things in life, the world of our imagination is broader and brighter than what reality will allow. It does not matter if it is a new product or a refresh; taking a product to market involves various parallel development activities, review and revision cycles and many meetings to discuss, review and align on design, color and materials.
Ink Transfer Technology — Dot gain and ink film thickness

By Daetwyler

Whether it’s the most complicated printing job or the simplest line work, controlling the Ink Film Thickness is very critical when it comes to providing a high quality in a repeatable print job. Commonly known print problems such and dot gain and dirty print contribute to a loss of time and money with customer rejections and reprint costs, short stops for cleaning plates, press downtime for re-mounting plates, and additional job hours and materials to complete the order.
4 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Flexographic Printing Machinery

By David Lee, Focus Label Machinery Ltd

You may think that, once you’ve decided to purchase a flexographic press in principle, that your work is done. However, getting  to the point of making a purchase decision – lengthy as this may be – is only part of the process. There are several common errors which can occur, both during and after purchase, that can make your new press more of a challenge to work with than it needs to be. This article will cover four of these commonly-made mistakes.
Increase the Speed!

By Pamarco

In order to understand what is necessary to improve press speed, it is helpful to step back and remember the big picture. If you look at print growth over the years, the real issue with press speed has simply been a lack of technology. As knowledge and machinery abilities have increased, so has press speed. The machines coming out now are not as gear-driven as the presses that came out in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.

Tools of the Trade: Plate QC

By Catherine Green, All Printing Resources

Plates are an essential part of the flexographic printing process. The plate delivers a precise amount of ink to the substrate exactly where it is needed. Such a critical piece of the printing process must be measured and controlled to deliver consistent results. Selecting the correct plate measurement tool and implementing plate QC is essential to success in the pressroom. Let’s take a look into what tools are needed for accurate platemaking:

A Revolutionary Reinvention of Anilox Ink Transfer

By Jeanine Graat, Apex International

In flexographic printing, the anilox surface where ink meets plate has always been one of the prime limiting factors in print quality, press speed, and workflow. “Apex has met that challenge head-on by reinventing the very concept of ink-to-plate transfer”, says Nick Harvey, Technical Applications Director at Apex, describing the continual improvement and growing success of GTT since its introduction in 2007.

rotec® Eco Bridge - Sleeve mounting was never easier


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Proofread Packaging


A new way to clean your anilox rolls ON PRESS

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