Hi Ragazzi singers & families--

Just a reminder to singers that sang "Anthem" a few years ago in Holst or went to Scotland in 2014 that they are welcome to join Purcell, Britten, and Holst tomorrow at their concert to sing "Anthem" one more time. 

The details, again:
Rehearsal tomorrow (Saturday), 5:00pm sharp in Capitol Theater. 
Concert tomorrow (Saturday), 7:00pm in Capitol Theater.

Singers should enter via the backstage entrance (just like they will on Sunday) and come to the stage for rehearsal. We'll be done rehearsing by 5:30pm; they'll be on their own until the concert.

They'll be able to watch the concert (no tickets needed) from the balcony and then join the boychoirs on stage for the last song.

They should just wear jacket/tie--no need to wear their Ragazzi tuxes.