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May 2015 Newsletter  |  Number 122
Upcoming Classes

Home Recording I - 5/12

Video Game Challenge - 5/12-19

Narration Simple - 5/15-16

Small Group Workout - 5/18

TV Tags & National Reads - 5/20-27

Preparing for a Demo - 5/26-6/2

By The Book - 5/30-31, 6/6-7

Home Recording I - 6/9

Director's Perspective - 6/11

INTRO: Starting Out - 6/13

Acting On Camera for Kids - 6/13

L.A. Agent Connection - 6/14

Small Group Workout - 6/17

Articulatory Flexibility - 6/18-19

Dialects I - 6/20-21

Dialects II - 6/22

Nailing The Audition - 6/24

Voice-Over for Kids - 6/27

Stepping Out - 6/28

Creating Characters  6/28

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Emily Clark is Sr. Talent Coordinator for gaming giant, Electronic Arts. She works with teams across the franchises within EA to coordinate the in-game talent including casting, scheduling, negotiating, contracting and payroll for both day-player and celebrity deals. She's worked on most of EA's titles and franchises over the last few years including Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Dead Space, Army of TWO, Madden NFL, NHL, UFC, Need for Speed, Sims.

In a recent conversation she revealed that there's definitely a trend for more natural reads - "As video games become more cinematic, the performance needs to reflect the realism. Across the board, budgets are being cut but games are getting bigger, so we have to hire more for less. The difference between union and non-union is experience and speed. Producers want to know that the people they have hired will be able to work efficiently in the booth and nail the roles."

Asked about the major differences between SF and LA talent, she responded, "There are very talented people in both markets. The only difference is that there are more actors, talent agencies, producers and production companies in LA so there is a higher concentration of work. Inevitably, there are more experienced performers in LA which makes it easier to cast projects that require a large number of talent. That is not to discredit the very talented working actors in the Bay Area and other smaller markets."

Her top tips for people auditioning or recording jobs; when auditioning, make sure to stay in character, show a range,
have good recording quality and stay away from lengthy

Emily Clark will be teaching week one of a 2-week class, Video Game Challenge, beginning Tuesday, May 12. 
Look Who's Talking
Wonderful to hear from so many students. Congrats to all who've recently landed agents, recorded demos and landed recording and on-camera gigs. Send us your good news and we'll add it to next month's Newsletter.

* Congrats to Gerry CannonKirk LivingstoneJoanna Mills, Stephen Sass, and Liz Waiters who all recorded demos recently.
Danielle Hall recorded a couple of training videos for Georgia Tech and a corporate narration for Coho Data.
* Paul Lux and Jane Stone narrated an internal corporate training video about unintentional bias for a Fortune 100 company.
* Keri Fishman recorded a pitch video promoting a new women’s beauty product.
* Joe Peralta recorded another Spanish language job for Sony. His first recording for them a few months ago already has 2.8 million views on YouTube.
* Meagan Cunningham recorded a radio spot for US Bank. She also continues to record regularly for an Italian travel channel.
* Victoria Shepherd traveled to Mississippi to film the latest in her series of promotional travel videos.
* David Breen recorded his first paid VO job - the voice of a new toy prototype.​
* Rich Rubin has been busy – a national Disney/Epcot radio spot, an indie animated pilot and he’s still the promo voice for America's Morning Show for NASH FM which has added 30 affiliates!"
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