Hello, All!
We learned today that check-in for our flight will likely not begin until 1pm tomorrow afternoon. (Our flight is the only KLM flight tomorrow.) Based on past years' experience, we know we don't want to arrive at O'Hare only to be waiting for the flight to open--there's nowhere to go with 75 people and luggage. So, given that new information and the improved road construction outlook between Madison and O'Hare making the trip under 2.5 hours, we are moving our departure later by about one hour tomorrow morning.

Thursday, July 26 | Covenant Presbyterian
  • 9:20AM arrive and check in with chaperone (show passport, consent form); put luggage on the bus
  • 9:40AM group picture and final goodbyes
  • 9:50AM load buses
  • 9:55AM Depart!

We realize all of you have planned for watching the buses depart Covenant at 9am (arriving by 8:30am). If pushing this back one hour is going to be problematic for you or your work schedule, please let us know and we will make sure someone is at Covenant to meet you and your singer by 9am.

Thank you for your flexibility! We would not make this decision at the last moment if we didn't think it was in the best interest of everyone traveling. Having nowhere to be at O'Hare for more than an hour is a rough start for everyone. Thanks for understanding.

Final (Required) Meeting Before Departure
Wednesday, July 25 | 6PM - 7PM | Covenant Presbyterian, 326 S. Segoe Road
Singers and at least one parent/guardian should attend.

    Packing Reminders
    Everything you received inside the garment bag (and including the garment bag), needs to be packed in your Scotland suitcase. Check YouTube for entertaining and helpful packing videos. Rolling your items is a great way to avoid wrinkles.

    Please remember to include one hanger (there will likely be more in your closet at Hillhead but just to be safe, please bring one).

    Labeling Tour Wardrobe
    In preparation for potentially being laundered, please label your tour T-shirts, polos, and white Oxford shirts with a permanent marker. Include first initial and last name along with your family group number on each item near or on the label. (Your family group number is listed on the Family and Flight Groups handout linked below.)

    Laundry Bag
    Please pack a plastic bag labeled with your name and family group number. This can be a garbage bag--nothing fancy!

    Luggage Tag
    Please attach the red Gateway luggage tag to the bag you are checking and complete the label with your singer's full name and home address.

    Please review the packing list and ask questions if anything is unclear or you need advice. We are happy to answer your questions!

    Passports and Consent to Travel Forms
    1. Is your passport signed? No? Find a black pen and make your mark!
    2. Consent to Travel form was returned to you inside your garment bag. Please keep this form with your passport so it's ready on travel day.

    Still looking fantastic.

    See you all tonight!

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