March 23, 2016
Don't let this happen to Otis State Forest!
(and later, NED and Access NE Article 97 land)
Pipeline right of way clearing in Peekskill NY

Immediate Action Needed!

Yesterday afternoon, on March 22, Kinder Morgan filed a request at FERC for a "limited notice to proceed," meaning that they are seeking FERC authorization to commence tree-cutting in Otis State Forest and elsewhere for the Connecticut Expansion project.  
If the state and the rest of us don't push back, the trees will presumably be cut, and then TGP will have a precedent for this with NED (if NED gets to the FERC certificate stage). 

In addition to the suggested actions in the newsletter, please consider filing a comment on FERC Docket No. CP14-529, along these lines:

"I oppose TGP's request for permission to proceed with tree-cutting.  FERC should deny the request, as it did the Constitution Pipeline Company's request (with respect to tree-cutting in New York State) under Docket No. CP13-499, because TGP does not have the 401 water quality certificates required for this project."  

Anyone can submit a comment in opposition, but if you intervened in the CT Expansion docket, you should mention that you are a party to the proceeding and are formally objecting to the request for a notice to proceed.

If your have time (we have several days, anyway), it would be a good idea to submit your comments as a cover letter and attach the opposition papers filed by Stop the Pipeline and the NY Atty General in the Constitution Pipeline case, explaining that their arguments apply equally in this case. 

Here are the documents you might attach from the Constitution Pipeline docket:
- STP's Answer in Opposition to Request for NTP and Motion to Stay
- STP's Answer in Opposition to Renewed Request for NTP
- NY Attorney General's Answer in Opposition to Request for NTP
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Hearings Timeline  (and one BIG rally!)
Chronological listing of upcoming hearings. Please attend all you can.

*3/29/16 - 7:00pm - DPU Hearing for KM Survey Access, NED Pipeline
Berkshire Community College, Pittsfield, MA 
*learn more

*3/30/16 - 7:00pm - DPU Hearing for KM Survey Access, NED Pipeline
Greenfield Middle School, 195 Federal St., Greenfield, MA

+3/31/16 - 2:00pm - Eminent Domain Suit Hearing, CT Expansion Pipeline
Berkshire Co. Superior Court, 76 East St., Pittsfield, MA 
*learn more

4/5/16 - 11:30am - Rally to Save NY from FERC, All Northeast Pipelines!
East Capitol Park, Albany, NY 
*learn more

*4/5/16 - 7:00pm - DPU Hearing for KM Survey Access, NED Pipeline
Lunenburg High School, 1079 Mass. Avenue, Lunenburg, MA

*4/6/16 - 7:00pm - DPU Hearing for KM Survey Access, NED Pipeline
Lynnfield Middle School, 505 Main St., Lynnfield, MA

*4/13/16 - 7:00pm - DPU Hearing for KM Survey Access, NED Pipeline
Dracut Sr. High School, 1540 Lakeview Ave., Dracut, MA

*4/14/16 - 7:00pm - DPU Hearing for KM Survey Access, NED Pipeline
Andover High School, 80 Shawsheen Rd., Andover, MA

()5/3/16 - 7:00pm - DPU Hearing for tariffs on National Grid, ANE Pipeline
Stoughton High School, 232 Pearl St., Sroughton, MA 
*learn more

()5/10/16 - 7:00pm - DPU Hearing for tariffs on National Grid, NED Pipeline
Timony Grammar School, 45 Pleasant View St., Metheun, MA

()5/23/16 - 7:00pm - DPU Hearing for tariffs on Eversource, ANE Pipeline
Walpole High School, 275 Common St., Walpole, MA

These hearings challenge our:
* Landowner rights
+ State Constitution
() Electric ratepayer rights

CT Expansion Eminent Domain Hearing Rules
Public Hearing on Kinder Morgan’s Eminent Domain case for the CT Expansion pipeline.   (» See KM’s Court filings)

NOTE: Date and Time Change!
2:00 pm • March 31, 2016
Berkshire County Superior Court
76 East Street, Pittsfield, MA

Gather across the street at 12:30 for a rally / press conference!

Though the court hearing is open to the public, only the parties named in the suit are allowed to make statements.

Rules for public hearings outlined by Berkshire Superior Court Officer, David Hadley.

No signs
No protest
No chants
Cell phones allowed on person but must be shut off
No recordings of proceedings allowed
(Per Chapter 268 § 13c)

“The judge is strict”
• No disruption of proceedings.
• Persons disrupting will be removed.

Any protests should be off the Court complex property.
Sidewalks around Park Square or over near Pittsfield Atheneum library, both across the street, are best and have high visibility.

• Notice was too short for a permit for the Park, we need to keep protests to SIDEWALKS ONLY around Park Square and library.
• Remember, posts for protest signs are illegal in Pittsfield.

» Location and parking information

» Read the Condemnation Motion & Complaint filed with BSC

All Out for Albany!
Massive Meet-Up to Stop Constitution
Pipeline fighters from all projects needed to stand united!
New England Pipeline Fighters - WE NEED YOU - to boost the message to NY Governor Cuomo that his decision on Constitution Pipeline's 401 Water Quality Certificate will affect us all beyond NY's borders!

When you get to Albany's East Capitol Park, look for the "United Against NED" Banner, or Spectra banners and stand with your group. This will be crucial for the rally's show of diverse communities affected by New York's decision.

NED fighters encouraged to wear green as well.

One Pipeline Leads to Another!
Stop one to help stop them all.

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