May 2012
Inside Appalachian Community Fund

Above: ACF Board of Directors meet and greet with a few donors and allies before their board meeting in Richmond, Kentucky.

Left: Amy Hubbard (ACF's Development Coordinator) with ladies from Immaculate Conception Catholic Church who donated quilting squares for our Appalachian Hero awards.

ACF to Celebrate in Charleston, West Virginia May 31st

Charleston for Change

The Appalachian Community Fund invites you to join us in honoring Attorney General Darrell V. McGraw with an Appalachian Hero Award. Join us on Thursday May 31st, 5:30-7:30 pm

West Virginia Association for Justice (located at 1614 Kanawha Boulevard, East, Charleston West Virginia 25311). Live music with Kate Long and heavy hors d'oeuvres by the Blue Grass Kitchen will be provided along with a cash bar.

We honor Attorney General McGraw for his service to West Virginia with his work for social change and justice. Since being elected Attorney General in 1992, General McGraw has returned over $1.9 billion dollars to West Virginia and its citizens for violations of the State's consumer protection act and antitrust laws. He has used the power of his office to stop the erosion of citizens' rights. Attorney General McGraw fights for West Virginia and her citizens. "The Judge" will be honored at 6:15 pm.

Thank you to our wonderful West Virginia Host Committee:

Reverend Jeff Allen; Ted Boettner; Darryl Cannady; Kitty Dooley, Esq.; Beth Dortch; Evelyn Dortch; Malyka Knapp-Smith; Deborah McHenry, Esq., Bradley Milam; Margaret Chapman Pomponio and Bren Pomponio; Judy and Tom Rodd; Lorelei Scarbro; Rich Stonestreet; Beth White; Benita Whitman.

Click here to see a list of West Virginia grantees from 2007-2012.

Please click here or contact Amy Hubbard for more information, amy@appalachiancommunityfund.org or 865-523-5783.

Please RSVP by May 25.


Amy Hubbard
Development Coordinator

We Want to Feature Your Good Work

Get in Touch and Share Your News

Appalachian Community Fund wants to feature your news, events, job openings, success stories, calls to action and more. If you would like to see news from Central Appalachia in this enewsletter please contact Mary Eva Martin, maryeva@appalachiancommunityfund.org or 865-523-5783. We publish the enewsletter on the 15th of every month so please submit your materials by the 10th to give us enough time to set content and get our proofing done. We've been so encouraged by the feedback we've received and we look forward to hearing from each of you. Thanks for reading and be in touch.

Come see us,

Mary Eva Martin

Development and Office Assistant
Did You Know?

African-American Coal Miners

African-Americans played a key role in the growth of West Virginia's coal industry. Blacks from rural areas of the upper south, mainly Virginia, helped to lay track for the three major railroads that opened up the bituminous fields: the Chesapeake & Ohio, the Norfolk & Western, and the Virginian. It was work on the C&O, at the Great Bend Tunnel in Greenbrier County, that produced the black folk hero John Henry.

Read more at http://www.wvencyclopedia.org/articles/25

Caption Blacks from rural areas of the upper south helped to lay track for the three major railroads that opened up the bituminous fields. Photo courtesy of Chesapeake and Ohio Historical Society.
News From the Region

Scholarship Available for Summer Enrichment

Are You Passionate, Curious and between the Ages of 15-18?

The Field Academy is a traveling high school program that engages students from around the United States in place-based learning in several regions of the country. This year's Exploring Citizenship program includes a seven-week summer expedition in Central Appalachia and Washington, DC, studying mining, music, and the roots of Appalachian culture, history, and ecology. TFA is offering one scholarship for a student from Central Appalachia. Please click here for more information.

Appalachian Voices Celebrates 15 Years!

Celebrate Artists for Appalachia

Come celebrate 15 years of protecting the land, air, water and communities of Central and Southern Appalachia! Join us on June 21st at 8pm (Jefferson Theater in Charlottsville, Virginia) for a very special annual membership meeting that includes Appalachian music, readings and revelry as we come together to celebrate our past, present and future work for the health and betterment of our region. Proceeds from the event will support the current and future program work of Appalachian Voices. The event is free for current Appalachian Voices members. New and renewing members can join for as little as $35 and receive a ticket to the event & a membership or renewal. To purchase a ticket & membership or to RSVP to the event click here.

7th Annual End MTR Week in Washington, D.C.

June 2nd-6th, 2012 in Washington, D.C.

Week in Washington is an annual event organized by the Alliance for Appalachia, bringing together over 150 citizens from the Appalachian region and across the nation who care deeply about mountains, clean water and social justice. The 2012 elections mark a critical moment to make the issue of mountaintop removal coal mining a top priority issue in Washington. At Week in Washington, we'll not only focus on how to work to end MTR in DC, but how to fight this injustice in your local community. This year, participants will not only meet with their Congress-people and agency officials, but also stand up and take action to stop mountaintop removal coal mining. On Wednesday, June 6th there will be a Day of Action to End Mountaintop Removal. Please click here for more information.

Working for Tax Reform?

Improve Economics for Everyone!

Check out this full policy memo from the Hamilton Project. The Hamilton Project's mission is to advance America's promise of opportunity, prosperity and growth. If you are working on an issue of social justice the Hamilton Project most likely has a resource that could support your work. Check out their webpage: www.hamiltonproject.org

Interested in Environmentally Responsible Mutual Funds?

Keep Your Money Out of Harm's Way
Green Century believes that, in the long run, companies that protect the environment may be more profitable than companies that pollute. If you'd like to learn more about Green Century Funds or environmentally responsible investing call 1-800-93-GREEN or visit www.greencentury.com
Majority Rules: Americans Want Shift to Cleaner Energy

Report Confirms There is No Partisan Divide

The Civil Society Institute and ORC International have joined forces to produce a report that reveals there is no partisan divide when it comes to clean energy. Majorities of Republicans, Independents and Democrats agree that the United States should move away from its reliance on dirty energy sources that foul the air and water and toward a future that makes greater use of clean energy sources. Click here to read the full report.

Robert Kennedy Blasts Oil Industry

Excerpt From Reader Supported News

"From its inception, hydrofracking has been an outlaw enterprise. The industry was born in a provision drafted in secret by oilman Dick Cheney's clandestine energy task force specifically exempting it from the Safe Drinking Water Act, a shale fracking method devised and patented by Cheney's former company Halliburton." Robert Kennedy, Reader Supported News. Click here to read the complete article.

Citizens Face Opposition to Appropriate Coal Ash Regulation

ALEC Working to Weaken EPA Power

The U.S. House of Representatives passed an amendment on April 18 to the Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2012 (HR 4348) that would effectively pre-empt the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating coal ash, the waste from coal burning plants, as a hazardous waste. About 140 million tons of coal ash are produced by power plants in the United States each year. There are about 1,000 active coal ash storage sites across the country. As reported by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) as part of its ALECexposed project, House Majority Leader and ALEC alumnus Eric Cantor has pushed ALEC's federal agenda, including opposition to coal ash regulation, as part of an effort to weaken the EPA. CMD has also reported on the heavy funding of ALEC alumni like Cantor and Speaker of the House John Boehner by corporate members of ALEC. Click here and finish reading this article from Center for Media and Democracy.

Allied Media Conference
Nation Inside: Communication Strategies Against Mass Incarceration
Advocacy Training Camp and Conference in Detroit, Michigan
Are you part of a dedicated grassroots group fighting a campaign against mass incarceration? Are you campaigning against your state privatizing its prisons, the cost of phone calls, building immigration detention centers, or making policies that continue a broken and expensive criminal justice system? Would your campaign benefit from stronger messaging, better communication capacity, and a broader base of support? If so, join us for Nation Inside. Nation Inside is a training camp for advocates who are organizing grassroots campaigns for criminal justice reform; who want to participate in an intensive and fun network gathering; and who want to work together to advance our campaigns' use of communication strategies. Click here to email Nick Szuberla or call 606-454-8864.

Opportunities in Central Appalachia
Pine Mountain Settlement School Seeking Interns
Do You Love Children and Nature?

The Pine Mountain Settlement School (PMSS) is located in the Appalachian Mountains of southeastern Kentucky. Our Environmental Education staff work to develop and reinforce in students an awareness and appreciation of the natural and cultural environments. Using the school's 800-acre campus of mountains, valleys, forests, and streams, staff introduces students to natural ecosystems, regional culture, and environmental issues. Interns are a vital component of the environmental education program at PMSS. We are looking for interns who like to work and play with children, and who have an interest in environmental topics (natural and cultural history). Click here for more information.

Appalachian Regional Commission Needs Economist

Interested in Economic Justice?

The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) provides grants to support community and economic development in Central Appalachia. ARC is accepting applications for an economist. This position requires someone who can manage ARC projects, provide evaluation for research projects, and plan for future research activities. Click here to read more.

The RReNEW Collective is accepting applications for new internships!

Work for the Mountains

These positions will help RReNEW build organizational capacity, work with new community partners, further develop our volunteer house, and grow to be more sustainable. Click here for contact information for the RReNew Collective. If you or someone you know would like to be a part of grassroots social change in Southwest Virginia, please consider applying for one of the following internships:

  • Organizational Development Intern - build capacity with outreach, fundraising, & planning
  • Networking Intern -develop new local & regional partners through community organizing
  • Henry St. Caretaker - improve the livability & sustainability of the RReNEW House on Henry St.

Victory in Kentucky!

Clean Water Act Not Written for Coal

Kentucky Supreme Court has declared citizens are entitled to participate in clean water enforcement. The decision reflects " . . . Congress's express declaration that public participation in efforts to control water pollution is a priority of the Clean Water Act." Click here to read more.

Announcing STAY's Youth of Color Gathering!

Add Your Voice to the Mix

The STAY Project is committed to having all voices and identities supported within Appalachia. We understand that people of color are often silenced and ignored within our organizations and communities. For this reason, we are bringing together youth of color from throughout the region for a two day workshop in order to discuss what it means to be a person of color living in the mountains and cities of Appalachia. We will also be visioning ways we can better solidify the unique support we want and need as a community and how we can support each other through the STAY Project. The gathering will be June 8-10 at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church in Harlan, Kentucky. Applications are due May 18th. Please spread the word to those you know who may be interested! Click here to access the registration form in English and click here to access the form in Spanish.

Corrupt Kentucky Sheriff Brought Down by Reporters

Click Here to Access Video

EPA Hearings Scheduled for Kentucky

Your Input is Needed

The United States Environmental Protection Agency will conduct a hearing on the agency's objections to 36 coal mining water quality permits. The public is invited to participate. If you'd like to get your voice heard click here for information about how to pre-register, leave written feedback, or to study hearing procedures.

  • June 5 7pm-11pm at Frankfort Convention Center (405 Mero Street)
  • June 7 Noon-4pm at Eastern Kentucky Expo Center (126 Main Street, Pikeville)
  • June 7 7pm-11pm at Easter Kentucky Expo Center

Whippoorwill Festival happening in Berea

Get Skills for Earth-Friendly Living

Hello Appalachian! You are invited to join us at the The Whippoorwill Festival 2012 - Skills for Earth-Friendly Living. The event will be begin July 12 at noon and will adjourn July 15 at 6pm. Come out to Home Grown Hide Aways (500 Floyd Branch Rd., Berea, KY 40403). The Whippoorwill Festival is an all-volunteer event featuring over 50 earth-friendly workshops, tent camping, healthy, home-cooked meals, and guest speakers, plus campfires, old-time mountain music, dancing, and story-telling in the evenings. Click here for more information.


Highlander Hosts 4th Annual Wild & Wacky, Witty and Wonderful Workshop Work Week

A Time for Fun, Education and Service to Highlander

Come to the mountains of East Tennessee and start your summer off right with Highlander staff and people from all over the country. Join staff and allies of Highlander May 29- June 2, 2012 for a week of workshops and service learning. Click here for more information.

PlanET Livability Report Now Available

Charting a Path Toward a Shared Vision for East Tennessee

Imagine East Tennessee in 30 years. What will be the condition of our roads, housing and environment? Will our economy be healthy? Will we be healthy? Is action needed to make certain our children thrive in the communities they inherit? Plan East Tennessee (PlanET) is a regional partnership formed to ask East Tennesseans these questions and develop the tools to ensure that our future reflects our vision and values. PlanET has just released their livability report that breaks down five aspects of daily life in East Tennessee and examines trends, provides ratings and shows how our region stacks up as compared to other states. The report is oriented to region-wide issues and does not address conditions associated only with a single community or county. Click here to read the report and here to access PlanET's website.


Virginia Organizing

Join Virginia Organizing for Dinner & Documentary
Share Your Story in a Community Dialogue

Join with Virginia Organizing and other community members for dinner and a movie with discussion to follow. On Saturday May 19th from 5-8pm folks will gather at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church to watch Lost in Detention. People will share stories and explore how the community is affected by America's immigration policies.

2012 Spring Float Trips

The Clinch Coalition Invites You to Ride the River

Join The Upper Tennessee River Roundtable and The Clinch Coalition for a series of fun and educational float trips on the rivers of Southwest Virginia. All are welcome from beginners to bona fide river rats. Trips are free, range from 4-6 hours and will be followed by free food and an educational program about the river's unique features. Space is limited so register early. Floats are scheduled for 5/19 and 5/26. Call 276-628-1600 email uppertnriver@yahoo.com or visit www.uppertnriver.org for more information.

West Virginia

HIV/AIDS Strategy Workshop

Prevention Has Its Rewards

Join allies in building capacity for AIDS/HIV work in Central Appalachia. This workshop will be held at Mountain State University in Beckley, West Virginia on May 21st. Education credits are available. Organizers for this event include: South Central Educational Development, Mountain State University, U.S. Department of Human Services-Regional Resources Network Program and the Pennsylvania/Mid-Atlantic AIDS Education and Training Center.

Registration closes the 16th but readers of this enewsletter can register as late as Friday the 18th. Click here for more information and for a registration form.

Action Against Mountaintop Removal in West Virginia

Get Your Voice Heard

Join Women Unite to End Mountaintop Removal on May 28th at the West Virginia State Capital to stand in solidarity against mountaintop removal. Women unite by meeting at our state capitol wearing white and shaving our heads to represent the stripping of our heritage, our homes, our water and our land. Stand in solidarity with our mountains that have been stripped of their trees, plants and top soil and our people who are sick and dying because of the effects of MTR. Join us in this peaceful and silent protest to bring attention to the fight to end mountaintop removal. Click here for more information.

Great Resources for Organizers and Activists
$15 - Robin Hood Was Right: A Guide to Giving Your Money for Social Change
By Chuck Collins and Pam Rogers with Joan P. Garner

$15 - We Gave Away a Fortune

By Christopher Mogil and Anne Slepian with Peter Woodrow

$15 - You Can Do It!

A Volunteer's Guide to Raising Money for your Group in Words and Pictures

By Vicki Quatmann

$7 - Si, Todos Podemos! The Spanish edition of You Can Do It!

By Vicki Quatmann, Translated by Maria Pedro Bruce

$15 We Make Change; Community Organizers Talk About What They Do - and Why

By Kristin Layng Szakos and Joe Szakos

Click here to download an order form.

About Us


To get involved contact Amy Hubbard via

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Mission Statement
The Appalachian Community Fund funds and encourages grassroots social change in Central Appalachia. ACF works to build a sustainable base of resources to support community-led organizations seeking to overcome and address issues of race, economic status, gender, sexual identity, and disability. As a community-controlled fund, ACF offers leadership to expand and strengthen the movement for social change through its practices and policies.
25 Years Working for Social Change
Since its founding in 1987, ACF has awarded over $5 million for community organizing and social justice work to more than 300 grassroots organizations in Central Appalachia. Out motto - Change, Not Charity - reflects our vision to support social change organizing and our conviction that, by networking and partnering with organizations working to address the root causes of social, racial, economic and environmental problems facing Central Appalachia every day, we can create more just, equitable healthy communities with opportunities for every one. ACF has had a significant impact in our region. Please visit success stories and current grantees to find out more.

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