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Looking Ahead in June
May Summary
MPV Chapters & Affiliates Update
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May Summary

Coming Out Muslim in Washington D.C. co-hosted by MPV
​and Human Rights Campaign 
In May our #ImamsForShe partner the Alliance of Imams in the Northern Corridor for the Development of Humanity organized two workshops at Burundian universities for the empowerment of women and girls.
MPV Chapters and Affiliates Updates
MPV Australia Committee hard at work
MPV Australia

  • MPV Australia Annual General Meeting: On Saturday 7th of May, MPV held its first    Annual General Meeting, and appointed a wonderful Committee that are all committed    to helping MPV grow into a lively, fruitful and cohesive community.
  • Meetups continue across Australia: Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.    Find us here.
  • Coming up in June: MPV Iftar in Melbourne (Sat June 19)
Islam and Reformation Debate
Islam and Reformation: MPV took part in a debate with the Progressive Atheists society. The debate over reforming Islam continues and conversation sparks. For some people, Islam is inherently incapable of reform while for others Islam is a religion that has its reformation and continues to reform. The debate was between Dr. Perkins is an economist, author, and the founding president of the Secular Party of Australia, and MPV member and solicitor Matt Awad.
MPV Malaysia (Komuniti Muslim Universal - KMU)
                   Participant’s presentation regarding the characteristics of men and women; emotional, physical,
biological, symbolical and more.
MPV Malaysia attended a “Gender dan Seksualiti” (Gender and Sexuality) workshop on the 20th and 21st of May 2016, organized by Sisters In Islam.  Activities were conducted to enforce and learn how  gender is being defined through numerous factors, such as the socio-environment, religion, biology, and  norms of society’s expectations.

Furthermore, two speakers were invited to talk about issues and findings based on their Islamic interpretation. The content shed some light on the issue of the acceptance of LGBTQIA community with the religion of Islam, based on Quranic verses. Issues regarding gender roles, particularly the female role within household and society, were discussed and addressed by speakers.
MPV In the News
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