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Issue #3, May, 2016

HKH Receives Clean Audit Report
Auditors Note Many Procedural Improvements

BAPA Auditors, an independent auditing firm based in Tanzania recently conducted a thorough audit of the Hatua Kwa Hatua accounts and activities. Following their audit they have given HKH a clean audit report.
This is the second audit performed by BAPA. In their first audit in 2014 they found several defi-ciencies in the procedures employed by several of the HKH projects and accounts. In their first report, the auditors made recommendation on ways to correct those defi-ciencies.
In the current report covering 2015, BAPA noted substantial improvements that had resulted from the imple-mentation of their previous recommen-dations. Dr. Gabriel Nduye and other leaders in the Southern Diocese made substantial efforts to implement the needed changes.
Baptist Mnyalape, the head of BAPA offered his congratulations to HKH on the improve-ment that had been made resulting in the clean audit report.

CSN to Offer Forums At Synod Assembly
Bishops Bruch and Mengele and Hatua kwa Hatua Coordinator, Dr. Nduye To Participate
The Companion Synod Network is planning to offer three forums during next month’s Western Iowa Synod assembly. The forums are an outgrowth of the assembly theme: We Are Church Together.
Two of the forums will feature bishops from the WIS companion synods. Bishop Isaya Mengele from the Southern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania will speak at one forum regarding the relationship between the two churches. He will talk about what the ELCT is like, what it means for the life of the people in the SD and its role in Tanzanian society.
Bishop Izani Bruch from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chile (IELCH) will participate in a second forum that will focus on her church’s struggles and challenges as it seeks engagement in Chilean society.  Participants at this forum will be able to learn more about this newer companion synod relationship.
Dr. Gabriel Nduye, the Hatua kwa Hatua Coordinator for WIS in the Southern Diocese, will help lead a third forum that will provide updates on the joint projects that WIS and the SD have initiated. This will include information about the Center for Agricultural Development, the Igumbilo Lutheran Girls School, medical initiatives, well drilling and companion congregation relationships. He will also talk about the value and meaning of HKH.
At all three forums, those who attend will have an opportunity to ask questions as well as receive informa-tion. The synod assembly will take place June 10-12 at the Marriott Hotel in Omaha, Nebraska.
Come and share fellowship with our Companion Synods Special Guests:

Bishop Izani Bruch, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chile
Bishop Isaya Mengele and Rev. Dr. Gabriel Nduye, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania—Southern Diocese!
Several opportunities to meet, greet, share, commune, worship, learn, converse, and enjoy fellowship with our guests are planned.  Those in congregations in companion congre-gation relationships are especially encouraged to attend.

Please consider the following options.  Inform lead contact person for the site you choose of your attendance plans and numbers by June 13:

Tuesday, June 14, 6:00-8:00 pm, Storm Lake, St. Mark; lead contact: Carole Suhr (1614 W 5th St., Storm Lake, IA;  712-732-5255; stmark@iw.net , church or CaroleSuhr@aol.com;  712-732-4363).  At this event, all 3 guests will be present, but this will be the only opportunity to connect with Bishop Izani Bruch of Chile.  A time of brief devotion will be followed by a meal and time for conversation/Q&A.  Please connect with lead contact person about meal plans/needs/costs/expectations.
Saturday, June 18, 4:30-8:00, Webster City, Trinity, lead contact:  Pr. Mike Kroona (1229 Kathy Lane, Webster City, IA; 575-832-2220; prmike.kroona@gmail.com). Bishops Isaya Mengele and Rodger Prois will be present at this site.  A time of conversation/Q&A and light meal is scheduled between 4:30-6pm.  At 6 pm there will be a communion worship service with Bishop Mengele preaching.  The evening will culminate with a more conversation and fellowship from 7-8 pm.  Please connect with lead contact person about meal plans/needs/costs/expectations.

Saturday, June 18, 4:00-8:00 pm, Estherville, Estherville Lutheran, lead contact: Pr. Tim Johnson (208 N. 8th St., Estherville, IA; 712-362-4607; elchurch@qwestoffice.net ). Rev. Dr. Gabriel Nduye, Hatua Kwa Hatua/Step By Step Resident Coordinator, Southern Diocese—Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania will attend this event. It will begin with a time of conversation/Q&A and fellowship at 4 pm.  At 5:30 pm there will be a communion worship service with Rev. Nduye preaching.  The evening will culminate with a meal from 6:30-8 pm. Estherville Lutheran will be offering a pot luck meal for your enjoyment.
Sunday, June 19, 9:30 am-1:30 pm, Treynor, St. Paul, lead contact:  Pr. Chuck Meyer (12 Park St.; 712-487-3880; cmeyerspl@gmail.com). Bishops Isaya Mengele and Rodger Prois will attend. There will be a communion worship service at 10 a.m.  A meal with conversation/Q&A will take place from noon to 1:30 pm.  Please connect with the lead contact person about meal plans/needs/costs/expectations.
Sunday, June 19, 9:30-1:00 pm, Primghar, Grace Lutheran, lead contact:  Becca Moermond (380 N, Rerich Ave., Primghar, IA; 712-957-4795; gracelc@tcaexpress.net ). Rev. Dr. Gabriel Nduye, Hatua Kwa Hatua/Step By Step Resident Coordinator, Southern Diocese—Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania will attend. A 9:30 am worship service with Rev. Nduye preaching will be followed by a light brunch and conversation/Q&A surrounding our companion synod and companion congregation relationships  Please connect with lead contact person to RSVP your attendance plans and numbers or with any questions you may have.  

¡¡Todos Están invitados!!       All Are Welcome!!       Karibuni Sana!!
Companion Synod Sunday Resources
June 5 Is Companion Synod Sunday

The first Sunday of June has been de-signated as Companion Synod Sunday in the Western Iowa Synod. That Sunday is an opportunity to lift up our companion synod relationships and for those who have a companion congregation to high-light that relationship as well.
All congregations are urged to observe Companion Synod Sunday this year on June 5 or on another Sunday of their choosing if that works better for them. 

The Companion Synod Network has prepared a large group of resources for congregations to use as they plan for worship on CS Sunday. Suggested prayers, music, and other resources can be found by going to the Western Iowa Synod website and clicking on the Companion Synod Sunday link near the top of the page on the left side. 

A group of videos featuring different aspect of our CS relationship are also available for download and use. The videos can be found here.

Videos which congregations might find most useful include:

  • Igumbilo Girls School—Tells about the school as a joint project between WIS and the Southern Diocese
  • Communication is the Key—Emphasizes the need for communication in companion relationships
  • WIS-IELCH Companion Synod Video—Features the relationship between WIS and the Chilean Lutheran church
  • Accompaniment—Focuses on this key foundation for Companion relationships
  • Water Is Life—Highlights the well-drilling project in Tanzania
To view or download a video, just click on it. Click the ‘play’ arrow to view the video you have chosen. The download button is located below the video just above the description paragraph on the right side.

Youth Travelers & Chaperones Prepare for Tanzanian Trip
The traveling team heading to Tanzania this summer met in April for their second orientation session.  The group spent time taking part in ice breakers to help the team learn more about each other.  Synod staff then shared information about the culture the team would encounter when they arrive in Tanzania.  Cindy Wells, Lynn Egsdahl, Jan Rosdail Aegerter and Bishop Prois each led a portion about the Tanzanian church, government, and people.

The team also learned about and worked on getting VISA packets ready to be sent to the Tanzanian Embassy to smooth their entrance into the country. 

Excitement is high and the team awaits the intinerary.  The final orientation session will be in June, about month from our departure date.  

Please keep the group in your and your congregations prayers.  They are leaders: Pr. Mike and Shelby Kroona, and Katie Hare; youth: Zoe Fiedler, Kylie Mongan, Jeneé Eden, Kamren Neddermeyer, Isabelle Hooker, Alex Hooker, Andrea Blocker, Hanna Lara, and Maleah Kleve.

"...That They May All Be One."
Girls School Presentation At WISWO Convention
Kruse to tell about her recent trip to Igumbilo
Jane Kruse, who visited the Igumbilo Lutheran School for Girls last fall, will be one of the featured presenters at this year’s Western Iowa Synod Women’s Organization Convention. The convention is scheduled for June 18 at St. Mark Lutheran in Sioux City.
Jane will tell about her experiences while she and others from WIS stayed at the school. During her visit she had the chance to help teach classes at the school and had numerous conversations with students and staff.
One goal that Jane has for her talk is to describe the typical daily schedule for the students, focusing on the similarities and differences between their lives and the lives of students in the U.S. One conclusion she draws is that education is doing what those who started the school hoped it would do. It is broadening horizons for the young women attending the school. They are learning about new ways of doing things.
At the same time, as they learn, the students find themselves having to choose between following their culture and its customs or being true to themselves. This struggle is evident in the questions they asked Jane and her companions regarding gender equality, HIV/AIDS and human services.
The title of Jane’s talk is “Under One Son.” Those who attend the WISWO convention will want to hear this fascinating presentation.
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