"The Georgy System"


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“Georgy Maskrey-Segesman

"I just have to say how proud and humbled I am to be a part of so many great programs with super riders and professionals. The best part of the success of all the horses is being able to share in the excitement and stand on the sidelines and clap. Congrats to all and I wish everyone the best of luck coming into this finals season and on into next year.”

The horse industry is a land of many opportunities, and lots of financial considerations. In the ideal world, you own your own horses and show at shows that are perfect for your individual choices. But what has happened over the years has created difficulty when a rider’s ability out shines their pocket book.
Georgy Maskrey-Segesman has recognized a growing need in the sport, and that is the riders need for competitive horses that occasionally are above an individual’s pocket book. The alternative, according to Georgy, is leasing. Her unique leasing business plan not only fills that need, but benefits both professionals and their clients. She is on the road to collecting a quality selection of horses that can be leased from year to year.
“I consider my business to be a ‘boutique’ offering of horses that I have personally selected, imported and that I can wholeheartedly represent. I believe that my role in the show horse industry is to help facilitate the success of other professionals and I really love doing that.  I am not interested in selling or leasing only one horse to a trainer, instead I want to foster and continue a lasting relationship where they can lease or buy horses for their clients repeatedly in a comfortable environment. One top training barn in California has a dozen of my horses, that's pretty fun”
Priding herself and her business approach as unique and personalized all the while taking clients pocketbooks into account, Georgy has built an offering of horses at many different levels, both performance and financial. She is not of the quick dollar mindset and would prefer to rather make a fair business profit while keeping in mind that our sport is on the road to making it financially difficult for many of the riders to be mounted appropriately.
“I want to make owning or leasing a horse accessible to just about everyone.  I feel that as professionals we need to look out for the longevity of the clients in the business and that we can do that by leasing and selling quality horses for more reasonable prices.  The success of clients in the ring and at home is good business. I have arrived at my own belief, and I embrace it, that it is partially my responsibility to help make that success a reality.”
Working with professionals she admires and trusts is the avenue she has chosen. “I strive to align myself with top professionals in all the disciplines that I admire and trust.  I spend lots of time learning as much as there is to know about each discipline so that I can select and then represent the horses that are best suited for each athletic need.”
“Working with Georgy has been a remarkable experience. She has made it so easy to find lease horses for clients as well as sending us Balu for Lane. Her eye for what works in the ring is pretty amazing,” says Mickey Hayden.
“I love this sport!! I love the horses, and I love watching quality," says Georgy. "Whether that quality is in the hunter, jumper or equitation ring I enjoy it all the same.  I even have a top dressage horse doing the CDI’s.  This is my passion and I believe it’s also my purpose, I am just lucky I get to call it my business as well.”  
Her references speak for her in a way she can’t, she is definitely humble about the program she has created.
Karen Healey is a staunch supporter. “She has a couple of incredibly strong traits and commitments to what she does. First, research, research, research. It is a driving passion of hers to know as much about one of her horses as possible which certainly creates confidence. Second, her horses are dependable, solid, honest types with no hidden tricks. She truly does not want a horse to be in ANY program that doesn’t work for it or the rider. She won’t represent one she doesn’t believe in and stands behind her horses 100% and THAT is huge!”

​Representing the needs of professional and clients, the “Georgy System” is a wonderful asset to our hunter-jumper sport.
Left: Mickey Hayden  Center: Karen Healey   Right: John French
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