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February, 2013

So much news and so many stories have come to my attention in recent weeks that it is impossible to respond to or share them all with you. I have included some links at the end of this already full issue of ENEWS so that you can access more important articles and stories that I hope you will find time to read.

Secular Humanism Leads to Abortion
By Haven Bradford Gow
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According to Father Pierre Lachance, a scholar-educator at St. Anne church, Fall River, Massachusetts, an intimate connection exists between secular humanism and such social and moral evils as abortion, adultery, divorce and teen sex and pregnancies. He points out that "Secular means that man's vision of life is formed without any reference to God. Secular humanists deny the existence of God." Humanism means that man-not God-is the center of the universe; man is the measure of all things, of truth and error, right and wrong, good and bad. Secular humanists worship man rather than God.


Not our own, or alone, we belong to God!

Valentine boy

Valentine's Day can be lonely, disappointing, and painful if we accept the world's view of romantic love. The following excerpt from Not My Own, by Terry Schlossberg and the late Elizabeth Achtemeier, clarifies Whose we are and how we are loved by Him.

Over against the empty desolation of individualism that undergirds abortion, however, the Bible sets a different announcement about the nature of human life, and that announcement is indeed good news. First of all, in the biblical world-view, there is no such thing as an autonomous individual. Rather, in its very first pages, the Bible proclaims that we are all made by God in his image (Gen. 1:26-27) and that we can therefore never fully be understood except in relation to our Creator.


What did you do today?
By P.J. Southam

What did you do today? If you had a job you maybe did a variety of things, perhaps stocked shelves and helped customers, or cooked or served food at a restaurant, crunched numbers and kept books for a company. There are a variety of jobs that people do that fill our eight or more hours per day with all kinds of tasks. Some jobs have quantifiable results. . . Other jobs are less quantifiable, . . .

Here are some numbers that trouble me: In 2008 there were 1.21 million abortions in the United States. (Due to reporting and compiling, the numbers for the last few years are not yet available.) Of those, 1.3% were after 21 weeks gestation.* I will get to the importance of that number in a moment.


Words that hurt
By P.J. Southam
sad couple

Many of us know someone who has undergone the pain of a miscarriage. A child is conceived, a pregnancy occurs, and hopes begin for this new life. For a variety of reasons not all pregnancies carry through to term, and there is pain, and sorrow, and grief. This is the loss of a child. The pain is as real as it is for a born child. Often miscarriages are only known by a few: the woman, her physician, perhaps her partner and close confidants. The child is known and loved by God, and the Christian community can love and help during the grieving process. . .

Unfortunately, thoughtlessness can happen out of the blue, opening wounds afresh, and causing pain. Recently a Colorado hospital chain called Catholic Health Initiatives made headlines when its lawyers argued in a lawsuit that an unborn child is not a human being. The hospital has since acknowledged that this was "morally wrong."

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Before you go, there is one more thing I want you to know (and don't forget there are links to more great articles in the box below). I am grateful to God for all of you who support us continually in prayer and by your contributions to the work of PPL. I'm especially thankful for those who gave generously at the end of 2012. You have helped us to weather a crisis and though we need your continued support in 2013, we are in a much better position to thrive! May God give you a rich harvest for your seed planting in this world and the next!

In Christ for Life,
Marie Bowen
Executive Director
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