Dear Valued Customer,


Welcome to the August 2018 Microsoft® Word Tip of the Month!


This month's tip actually comes in the form of a question and answer.  I hope you'll take a few minutes to read it!  There's always something to learn in Word!


John Grubb



Question:  "Is there an easy way to get icons into a Word document I'm creating?"


Answer:  So, you want to put some icons into a Word there an easy way?  You bet there is!

If you are using Word 365, Word 2016, Word 365 for Mac, Word for iPhone, Word for Android, Word for iPad or Word for Android Tablet, you have over 500 icons already built in.  


How do you get to them?  On the Insert section of the Word ribbon, you'll find "Insert Icons."  Just click there and pick the icon you want.  You can search, resize, color and add effects, all from within Word.


And, the good news is, icons don't exist just in Word.  They're in Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, too.


Click the button below and watch a Microsoft video showing you how to access and insert icons!