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Wow! The PPL Board hoped that by changing our name we would open the doors to substantive conversation about human life. The change has been more dramatic than I ever imagined. More about that in a minute.

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Where we’re going

PPL is in a new season of ministry.

Our vision is to be a resource to Presbyterian denominations and congregations.

We are expanding our resources, renovating our platforms, and seeking to engage the next generation of Presbyterians.


How we operate
Here is a snapshot of PPL’s yearly operating budget
Total: $140K
50% Personnel to build relationships and expand the mission of PPL
25% Creating and distributing online and print resources to equip churches.
15% Administrative expenses (office, postage, travel)
Less than 1% spent on fundraising

Why your gift matters

“In Seminary, I lived 3 blocks from a late-term abortion clinic. Everyday I drove by the clinic, I thought about the families and children affected by this practice.


Personally, I felt ill-equipped to minister. My pastor introduced me to PPL and we discussed how we could mobilize our church to champion life and proclaim the grace and love of the gospel to the families in our community. PPL equipped me with prayer, resources, and education I really needed.


I’m so thankful for the ministry of PPL and for how God used them to equip our church to champion life at every stage.”

Ryan Mowen,
Associate Pastor, EPC


Since I wrote a year ago, the PPL Board of Directors has approved a new mission statement: “Compelled by the Gospel, PPL equips Presbyterians to champion human life at every stage.” I hope you will watch the short video above and hear the PPL Board express their heart about our new mission.


Our newly stated mission is clear, concise, and focused.

The Gospel is an effective filter for life affirming ministry. What makes humans valuable? What gives each one of us dignity? It is simply this: 1. We are created in God’s image. 2. Christ died for us. Every circumstance that threatens human life is answered in those simple statements.
PPL is intentionally moving toward a holistic defense of human life.


This is not new--PPL has always addressed more than abortion. PPL’s core values (Gospel, relationship, advocacy, human life, equipping, and Presbyterian identity) have informed our stand against abortion and move us to educate and equip the church to stand against all forms of suicide and homicide. It’s time we stop letting the culture and national politics lead the conversation about human life. The church needs to stop hoarding Gospel truth and share it with people searching for love, dignity, and worth that is only found in and through Jesus Christ.

New graphics and a new name are changing our conversations.
At the recent Churchwide Gathering of Presbyterian Women (a PCUSA event where PPL has met with hostility in the past), the name, Presbyterians Protecting Life, seemed to inspire trust. I had the privilege of listening to women who shared intimate stories of their own life and death decisions.

A woman’s raw feelings surfaced as she shared the “anticipatory grief” she is experiencing as she walks through her 82 year old father’s hospice experience. He has decided not to seek treatment for kidney disease.


A woman shared the story of a daughter who was raped and wanted either an abortion or adoption. She was encouraged by her mother to keep the baby. “It will be my baby,” the soon to be grandmother promised. Now, the 10 year old child of rape is a blessing and wholly claimed by her birth mother.

The parents of a baby diagnosed with Trisomy in utero were encouraged to abort. Told by doctors that the baby would probably not live until birth or die shortly after, the parents refused abortion. When the baby was born, doctors urged the parents not to feed the baby. Happily the parents disagreed and chose to feed the baby who lived for a full month after birth.

Several people, seeing PPL’s resources on adoption, shared with me their joyful adoption stories. Three women had family members or close friends who had adopted children in open adoptions . They shared the blessing of those children and of the relationships with the birth moms that expanded their families.

Other women asked challenging questions: “Is it greedy to be on life support when there is no hope of recovery?” “What are you doing about capital punishment?” “Are you providing birth control to young women who are poor?”

Sadly, one conversation pointed to the importance of Abortion recovery ministry. Her body language said more than her words as she stood several feet back from the table where models of11-week unborn babies were displayed. She told me she had an abortion 46 years ago. I simply responded, “Are you okay?” “It was a long time ago,” she replied.

Women and men are faced with life and death decisions in the midst of pain and confusion. Few have thought about what the Bible teaches about the dignity and worth of human life. Rarely are churches pro-actively equipping members to make choices that affirm life and honor God’s activity from fertilization until natural death. These stories illustrate why the work PPL is doing to equip Presbyterians to champion life at every stage is so important.

Would you prayerfully consider becoming a monthly donor?

Could you give $25, $50, or $100 each month to strengthen PPL’s vital ministry? Many of you give an annual gift to PPL and we are grateful! If God has especially blessed you this year, c ould you increase the amount you give this year? Your gift will allow PPL to grow and impact more Presbyterians who will, with God’s help, protect more human lives. 


Please be in touch with us at the PPL office to let us know how we can serve you. We are eager to partner with your church as you champion lives in your place of ministry.


May God’s rich blessing be yours as you join us in protecting life.


In Christ for life,

Marie Bowen
Executive Director