Hello, All!
I wish this were the type of email that immediately transported us back to Scotland in the blink of an eye, but sadly, I don't believe those emails exist. (Or do they?)

Instead, this is a somewhat boring email regarding tour wardrobe with a few pretty pictures at the end. Thank you for reading and following the directions provided!

Purcell, Britten, and Holst Singers:
  • if your concert wardrobe still fits from tour, please return just one of the MYC-provided white Oxford shirts.
  • if you have already outgrown some or all of your concert wardrobe items from tour, feel free to return those items that no longer fit.

Ragazzi Singers:
Please return all concert wardrobe items from tour that were provided by MYC. (And, if you're graduated, please return your Ragazzi tux and red MYC polo!)

As a reminder, concert wardrobe items include: navy blue blazer, two white Oxford shirts, khaki dress slacks, boychoir tie.

Items should be clean, labeled with your name, and returned to the MYC office at your earliest convenience. We would love to have these items returned before Labor Day, if possible. If the office is closed, please leave your items by our office door in the blue bin.

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing all of you very soon. :)