Weekly Notes From Madison Youth Choirs
Thursday, September 3, 2020
It's almost the start of the long holiday weekend and so we will keep this brief. We know many of you are contemplating many things for this fall and as you are wondering what virtual rehearsals will feel like with MYC, we want to encourage you with these words from Margaret Jenks, our Purcell, Holst, and Cantilena conductor. She is expressing what our entire staff is thinking about and we hope this helps you catch a vision for this fall with MYC.

Hi Future MYC’ers!
For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Margaret Jenks and I conduct Purcell, Holst and Cantilena.  I am really excited to be back in MYC rehearsals each week.  Of course, I wish we could be in one room, making music together, but we (all the MYC conductors and staff) are so committed to making our experience this fall the same thoughtful, energetic, fun, meaningful and rich MYC time that you have come to expect, we know it will be wonderful, even as it is clearly different.

Five ways our time together might be the BEST 30-45 minutes of your Zoom life EVER:
1) Even though we will be together for a short time, we will pack so much in.  Our goal each week will be to have you leave saying, “I wish it was longer!”

2)Vocal Skill Building.  Though it is hard (impossible) to sing at the same time unmuted (and sound good) on Zoom, there will be great opportunities to help people more individually!  This is going to really help build your confidence as an individual singer, which in the end, will make us a stronger choir and organization.

3) A Different Way of “Choiring”: Yes, I made that word up.  Just now.  Because we are making up a different way of singing together in a choir.  I won’t explain it all now, but it is going to sound like a choir, it will involve all of you singing and it won’t sound like the cacophony of Zoom!  It even may mean that you can “clone yourself” and be two people in the choir! :)

4) Discussions that you just can’t find anywhere else about music, social justice, the importance of art in our world, beautiful things we notice, important ideas, life…  I miss those discussions and I know that many of you do, too.

5) The people.  You all bring a unique, wonderful light to our MYC community and we shine more brightly when we are together.  We need to keep growing our light—especially now.

Welcome back.  I can’t wait!
Please be in touch with us if you have any questions about your registration email or the details around programming this fall. We're always happy to hear from you. Please note, the MYC office will be closed Friday, September 4, and Monday, September 7, in celebration of the Labor Day holiday.

Have a lovely weekend, All!

P.S. Registration emails were sent last week--please check your inbox and let us know if you need anything resent to you. 
Fall 2020 FAQ
How long is the fall session and when does it start?
Our virtual fall session will be ten weeks long from October 4 - December 13

How long will rehearsals last?
Ensembles will meet via Zoom for 30-75 minutes with their conductor; younger ensembles will meet for shorter periods; older for longer periods

Is there a set rehearsal schedule?
Yes, ensembles will meet at the same time every week and ALL ensembles will meet on Sunday afternoon or evening (no Monday night rehearsals). You can view everyone's schedule by ensemble on the Calendars page. 

How much will it cost?
Tuition for the fall session will be a flat fee of $190 for all singers regardless of their ensemble.

Is tuition assistance available?
Yes. As always, the same opportunities for tuition support through our tuition assistance application or the flexibility of proposing a payment plan remain in place.

What is the refund policy if we decide to withdraw?
Our refund policy still allows for a full refund, less $50, through the second rehearsal. If you withdraw after October 12, full tuition for the fall session will still be due.

What is our commitment if we register?
Your commitment is for participation in the fall session only. We are not asking for a full-season commitment because we do not yet know what will be possible second semester. (But are hopeful!) 

What's happening with fundraising? 
You won’t see a family fundraising contribution goal on your tuition statement this fall but we hope you will still be mindful of helping us increase our capacity during this time. (Sorry, coffee lovers.)

What should I do with my MYC wardrobe and music?
Thanks for holding on to these items for now. When we have regular access to our rehearsal space again, we'll share a plan for how to return these items. (Thanks!)

Will we ever meet in person?
Probably not this fall semester; hopefully next semester in some combination of virtual and in-person. This is tough. We all want to be together. When circumstances change and we have safe latitude to meet, we will make it happen. 

What about concerts?
We have contemplated many ideas around how best to share the culminating work of our ensembles this season. We are still working on this and balancing what's feasible with what's meaningful for our singers and their families.

What will virtual rehearsals be like? 
We aim to make them awesome, meaningful, and ​​​​​​​the time in your week you most look forward to. We're still MYC and our virtual rehearsals will have the same master educators leading inspiring discussions and connecting the big ideas to the music.