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June 2016 Newsletter  |  Number 134
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Monologue Magic - 6/1
By The Book - 6/4-5, 11-12
Preparing for a Demo - 6/6-13
Home Recording: Audacity - 6/14
Small Group Workout - 6/15
Articulatory Flexibility - 6/16-17
INTRO: Starting Out - 6/18
Dialects I - 6/18-19
Dialects II - 6/20
Dialects classes postponed until September
Nailing The Audition - 6/23
Stepping Out - 6/25
Creating Characters - 6/25
Voice-over for Kids - 6/26 Director's Perspective - 6/29*
(New Date -  moved from 6/8)

Small Group Workout - 7/6
Audition Tune-Up - 7/7*
(New Date - moved from 7/6)
LA Agent Connection - 7/9-10
Home Recording: Studio - 7/12
Long Form II - 7/13-20
Unlocking Your Emotions - 7/14-21
Professional Invitational - 7/26

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Copywriter's Intentions:
Directing Talent & Yourself

Excerpted from There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is, 3rd Edition, pages 83-84.

Before reading a script, we need to get inside the writer's head,connect with the logical and emotional elements, and motivate the listener to take action: place a call, visit a website, order on-line, walk inside a store, etc. We are not privy to client/writer meetings and discussions about why the message needs to be conveyed a certain way.

It's our job to make that choice.Typically, an actor approaches a script from the "I" position, asking questions like: Who am I? What am I doing? How do I relate to the product? Writers come from a slightly different perspective. Their first priority is the client: How can I make our product or service the obvious choice for our target audience? What emotions do we want to tap into to get the desired result? What type personality or voice would best relate to our customers? For the two worlds to meet, writing elements must be acknowledged and appreciated by the actor.

Almost every piece of writing includes three main rhetorical elements: ethos, logos, and pathos.

* Ethos establishes who we are and why we have the authority to represent our hero client's company.
* Logos is the logical information. The product is faster, more convenient, better value, reliable, etc. It describes what the product is and how it works.
* Pathos is the emotional link that connects the audience to the message. It conveys how a person feels when they use the product: healthier, sexier, happier, more relaxed, rejuvenated, uplifted, confident, etc.

These three writing elements need to be acknowledged and utilized in the read so that the listener hears the authority in the voice, the logic in the information, and the emotional benefits. Many voice actors spend unnecessary time wanting to rewrite copy because the logic doesn't make sense. That means the focus is wrongfully placed on logos rather than ethos. Our job is to bring life to the written words no matter how poorly written or confusing the information.

Writer, Producer, and Director, John Crane teaches how to analyze copy using Ethos, Logos and Pathos in Director's Perspective on June 29 (rescheduled from original date of June 8)
Look Who's Talking

* Congratulations to Nate Truell, Ian McAdams, Manda Krusee, and Gordon Taylor. They all recorded demos in the past month.
* Rich Rubin recorded national spots for Disney/Epcot & Quicken Loans/Rocket Mortgage. 
* Colin Iago McCarthy just finished recording his first Audio Book, Angel's Devil, by M. Louis.
* Adrienne Grechman narrated an internal training video for a software marketing automation company.
* Kayte Jackson narrated a video for Embrace scar treatment.
* Aletheia Celio signed with a top VO agency in Turkey!
* David Breen recorded VO for five TV commercials for Nest Learning Thermostat.
* Yvette Keller has a regular gig narrating e-learning modules for a medical services company. She also does the content creation, writing, and editing to ensure that the language is not only technical but in plain English, readable/recordable, and comprehensible.
* Robert Soriano recorded the voice for a #‎SFBernie‬ Puppet.
* Jennifer Knight voiced a video for Saint Joseph London's Birthing Center.

Congrats to all who've recently landed agents, recorded demos and landed recording and on-camera gigs. Send us your news and we'll add it to next month's Newsletter.
Sunday Drop-In Improv
Alternate Sundays 5:30-7:30pm. 
This month classes on June 12 & 19
​​$15 cash at the door.
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