A Marvel of Sedentary Engineering
Virtually identical to our wildly popular Francisco Metro Swivel, the Francisco Metro Recliner is all that and more.  With a back that’s a tad higher and a just-right ottoman that literally sweeps you off your feet, the Most Comfortable Small-Scale Recliner (Best of Market, High Point, October 2015) will ever-so-deliciously loll you, with a gentle push-back or simply tapping a button, into a la-la land of ethereal comfort.  With an optional swivel this recliner-equivalent of a German two-door convertible turns the tables so the world revolves around you, as it should. With a flick of an ankle, pivot from your breathtaking view back to the crackling hearth, all the while swaddled in piErgonom comfort.   Available in over 150 sublime WILLEM SMITH leathers, in of our fabrics or COM.  Thought-Through and Comfort-Obsessed: we are WILLEM SMITH.  Read more...
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