Hi Mahler Families--

Wow. Such incredible focus and enthusiasm from your wonderful kids this week!

It is possible the singers will be excused at 9:30 or 9:45pm tonight. We won't know until that actual time, but we'll send a text as soon as we know. Thanks for your flexibility (yay, possible earlier time!)

We are adjusting the MYC concert wardrobe for Mahler in the interest of keeping everyone as comfortable as possible and not too warm on stage:

Purcell/Britten/Host singers: Boychoir white shirt, boychoir tie, khaki pants, black shoes/socks. Do not wear nor bring your boychoir blazer.

Capriccio/Cantilena/Cantabile singers: Your MYC dress with black flat shoes. No need to wear tights; the dresses are floor length.

Con Gioia/Choraliers singers: Your MYC dress, flat black shoes, no tights but some type of black bike shorts or the equivalent underneath keeping in mind you will be sitting on risers in full view of the audience. The dresses are somewhat sheer, so you do need something underneath.

All the parking meters along North Henry Street are bagged for the sole purpose of vehicles pulling up curbside for pick up and drop off. If there is not a spot for you to pull to the curb, please drive around the block and try again. North Henry Street needs to be clear at all times for traffic and emergency vehicles. Thank you for not idling in the driving lanes.

Finally, please don't send your singers with any extra "stuff". There isn't any downtime to read/play games, and anything extra they have with them just slows them down at the end of the night. All they need is their music. (And please double-check your boychoir bag to make sure you have the one that belongs to you.)

Mike + Mahler Team!

We'll keep in touch in case of any timing changes (if rehearsals end at the times noted on the calendars, we won't bother you). 

Text @msomahler to 81010 (if that doesn't work, you can also text @msomahler to (608) 260-7055.

P.S. Allison Monday has two tickets available for Friday's concert. You can email her directly for the details: maui3@charter.net