June 2012
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Martha Boggs Bash A Big Hit in Knoxville!

New Faces and New Connections

On Saturday May 12, Appalachian Community Fund held a fundraiser at Relix Variety Theatre in North Knoxville to benefit the GLBTQ Initiative Fund. The guest of honor was Martha Boggs who was presented with an Appalachian Hero Award. Ms. Boggs is a Knoxville business owner (Bistro at the Bijou and Dazzo's Pizzeria). In January, Martha asked Senator Stacey Campfield to leave the Bistro because of recent inflammatory remarks he made against the gay community on a national radio show. This stand reverberated and sent a message to our community that equality is more important than political status. We honored Ms. Boggs for her courage and dedication to the community. At the event, Ben Byers, of the Tennessee Equality Project, spoke about the victories being won such as the passing of the Fairness Ordinance by Knoxville City Council in a unanimous vote and President Obama's support of gay marriage. Shannon Foster premiered a Public Service Announcement titled "Let's Not Be Last", promoting equality in Tennessee. Entertainment that evening was provided by DJ Nick KnightsoftheRound Miller of Dopplegansta and the Fabulachian Drag Show was organized by Champale Denise and featured five additional drag queens and multiple songs. A crowd favorite was performed by Christopher Hamblin, featuring "Go To Hell" by Dolly Parton.

The GLBTQ Initiative Fund (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning) was established in 2006 by a gift from a Tennessee donor to develop and strengthen resources for GLBTQ organizing efforts in Central Appalachian communities. This Initiative is designed to support GLBTQ organizational building, strengthening Gay and Lesbian Community institutional resources, and capacity building for GLBTQ organizing efforts.

We Had a Great Time In West Virginia!

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Clockwise from top left: Lida Sheppard, Margo Miller & ACF Board Chair Darryl Cannady; Vivian Stockman from OVEC with Margaret Chapman Pomponio from WV Free and the host committee; Margo Miller & Host Committee Member Malyka Knapp-Smith; Judy Rodd & Jorea Marple; ACF Board Member Lorelei Scarboro with Malyka Knapp-Smith; Kate Long shares a song with the crowd; Evelyn Dortch from DAWG and Beth Dortch, ACF Board Member and DAWG; Host Committee Members Kitty Dooley, Judy and Thomas Rodd; and Attorney General Darryl McGraw with wife, Jorea Marple, and his Appalachian Hero Award.
ACF Honors Local Leader with Appalachian Hero Award

Thanks to All Who Participated!

On Thursday May 31, Appalachian Community Fund was pleased to present Attorney General Darrell V. McGraw with an Appalachian Hero Award. Attorney General McGraw was honored for his service to West Virginia with his work for social change and justice. Since being elected Attorney General in 1992, General McGraw has returned over $1.9 billion dollars to West Virginia and its citizens for violations of the State's consumer protection act and antitrust laws. Over 100 attendees arrived to congratulate "Judge" McGraw and support the Appalachian Community Fund. The event was held at the West Virginia Association for Justice and catered by the Blue Grass Kitchen. The Barcaloungers, with members of local favorite's The Carpenter Ants, gathered to provide music on the front terrace. Kate Long sang two songs of West Virginia, dedicated to the Attorney General. McGraw was introduced by Tony Magestro and spoke about the hard work and dedication of his staff and family that enables him to work so diligently for the people of West Virginia.

Host committee members for Charleston for Change include Reverend Jeff Allen, Ted Boettner, Darryl Cannady, Kitty Dooley, Esq., Beth Dortch, Evelyn Dortch, Malyka Knapp-Smith, Deborah McHenry, Esq., Bradley Milam, Margaret Chapman Pomponio and Bren Pomponio, Judy and Tom Rodd, Lorelei Scarbro, Rich Stonestreet, Beth White, and Benita Whitman.

Let's Get Your Story Out!

ACF Wants to Help Your Light Shine

So, you just had an event. Maybe it was a membership drive, a call to action, or celebration of a hard-won victory. You put in the work and pulled off something special, something that matters. Others in the region who are doing similar work want to know about your story. Please get in touch so we can help you connect with people who share your commitment and concern. Contact Mary Eva Martin, maryeva@appalachiancommunityfund.org or 865-523-5783. We publish the enewsletter on the 15th of every month so please submit your materials by the 10th to give us enough time to set content and get our proofing done. Thanks for reading and for standing with ACF on a journey to justice.

Come see us,

Mary Eva Martin

Development and Office Assistant

News From the Region

500 Miles, Mountains and Stories

How to Lose A Mountain

Behind every product we use is a distance that has been traveled and a story that can be shared. But these stories are often hidden or untold. In losing the stories behind the resources we use, we also lose the understanding of our impact on a place. This Spring, Cassie Meador will walk 500 miles, launching a new initiative in art and environmentalism. The physical journey, which begins on April 10 will take her on a path to explore the energy sources that power her home starting at her house in the Takoma neighborhood of Washington, DC and travelling through Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. The walk will take approximately two months to complete and will serve as a community engagement tour as well as research and development time for a dance production entitled How To Lose a Mountain, set to premiere in spring 2013. Click here for more information.

Government Leaders Muddy Waters Over Coal Concerns

Leaders Repress Photo in Effort to Discredit Activist

Respected activist Maria Gunnoe traveled to Washington D.C. the first week of June to educate lawmakers about the dangers of mountaintop removal and ask them to pass the Clean Water Protection Act (HR1375) and end mountaintop removal mining in Central Appalachia forever. She brought a photo of a young child bathing in mine waste, the only water many families in Central Appalachia have access to. Not only was Maria not permitted to show the photo, she was questioned by Capital Police, accused of being in possession of child pornography. Click here to read Maria's testimony. Follow the links below to read more about Maria's experience on Capital Hill.

Rolling Stone Magazine

Huffington Post

Southern Studies

Pennsylvania Doctors Raise Concern About Fracking Gag Order

Finding Balance Between Corporate Protections and Patient Rights

Click here to access the article.

Coal River Makes List of Most Endangered Rivers

America's Most Endangered Rivers is more than a list. It is a call to action to engage concerned citizens in the fight to protect rivers. With public support, we can directly impact the fate of these rivers and save them for generations to come. Click here for more information.

UT and ARC Partner for Report

A Look Into Communities' Strengths and Weaknesses

The report, "Strategies for Economic Improvement in Appalachia's Distressed Rural Counties," was conducted for the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), a regional economic development agency that represents a partnership of federal, state, and local government. It provides an understanding of the challenges confronting economic and community development efforts in ten rural counties and explains ways local governments, agencies, and community organizations plan and respond to challenging issues. It details how five formerly distressed communities improved their local economies and illustrates the issues confronting counties still classified as distressed.

Click here to read the report.

Still: The Journal Publishes 9th Issue and Invites Contest Submissions

Click Here to Visit the Website

The editors of Still: The Journal announce the publication of Issue 9 of the online literary journal devoted to contemporary literature of the Appalachian South. Still features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, interviews, photography, and multimedia. Editors invite writers to enter Still's Third Annual Literary Contests in fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Complete guidelines are available online. Deadline is August 31, 2012. Judges are Charles Dodd White (fiction), Jesse Graves (poetry) and Joyce Dyer (nonfiction). Still: The Journal welcomes submissions during the annual reading period (December 1-31 of each year). For more information contact:

Silas House, Fiction Editor: fiction@stilljournal.net

Jason Howard, Nonfiction Editor: nonfiction@stilljournal.net

Marianne Worthington, Poetry Editor: poetry@stilljournal.net

Festival Fun + Helping Appalachian Voices = Summer Must Do

Sustainable Event Supports Regional Non-profit

Music on the Mountaintop is fun; plain and simple. Nestled at the foot of Grandfather Mountain, MOTM offers large scale festival feel with an intimate experience. Built upon sustainable and green practices, MOTM sets itself apart by its efforts to bring great music to Boone and to limit its environmental footprint. If you've ever found yourself sitting in your hot, muggy cubical at work day dreaming of beautiful mountain air, breathtaking sceneries, and great people, then Music on the Mountain is the place for you. The event will take place August 24-26. Click here for more information about Music on the Mountain and here for more information about Appalachian Voices.

Don't Call Them Post-Racial!

New Report Looks at Young Adult Activism

The "Millennial Generation" (born post-1980, ages 18-30) is the largest, most racially and ethnically diverse generation the US has ever known. Over the last two years, the Applied Research Center has conducted focus groups around the U.S. with millennials of varying races/enthnicities to find out more about their attitudes and perspective. It is clear that race continues to play a role in their lives. What inspires them to engage in social justice work? ARC has produced two reports available for download, they offer key findings and recommendations, are illustrated with infographics, and accompanied by videos. For more information click here or contact media@arc.org.

Opportunities in Central Appalachia
Highlander Accepting Applications
Openings for Development Team Member and Assistant to E.D.

Highlander is world-renowned as a beacon for progressive organizing and widely acclaimed as a leadership development center for grassroots activists across race, culture and generations. Click here to view the job description.

SOCM Needs Community Organizer with Environmental Focus

Energy, Ecology and Environmental Justice

SOCM is a member-led organization that works to give citizens in Tennessee a voice in determining their future. SOCM encourages civic involvement and collective action in an effort to empower citizens. Please click here to read the job description or to apply.


Check Out the Whippoorwill Festival in Kentucky!

Skills for Earth-Friendly Living July 12-15

The Whippoorwill Festival is Thursday July 12 through Sunday July 15 near Berea, KY. This low-cost, family-friendly festival seeks to prepare our minds and bodies for a future with severe climate change and shortages of fossil fuels. We will have four days of workshops and entertainment in the evenings. The Whippoorwill Festival is low cost ($20 per person per day - kids 16 and under free) and family friendly. The ticket includes tent camping and three free meals per day are provided by Food Not Bombs. Click here for more information about workshops or to purchase tickets.

SOCM Launches Knoxville Chapter

Partner with Concerned Citizens in East Tennessee

Come out on Monday, June 18th, for Statewide Organizing for Community eMpowerment's Knoxville Chapter meeting. During this meeting we'll develop issues and action strategies and learn new tools for organizing. The meeting will begin at 6pm and will conclude at 7:45pm at South Knoxville Community Center. Contact Katie Greer for more information, katie@socm.org.

Highlander 2012 Folk Alliance International Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient
Highlander 2012 Folk Alliance International Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Highlander Center Honored with 2012 Folk Alliance International Lifetime

Achievement Award

Click on the video to the right to learn more about their work.


U.S. Forest Service Restarts Hearing Process for Wells Branch

Appeal Period Runs Out June 22

The U.S. Forest Service has restarted the hearing process on the Wells Branch Timber Sale at Lake Keokee. Clinch District Ranger Jorge Hersel said the forest service missed a step in the national Environmental Policy Act process. "We realized we had missed a step and backed up and made sure we followed the process correctly (to) make sure the public is aware and they have a right to appeal the decision. What that notice does is restart the 45-day appeal process," Hersel said. Click here to read more in the Big Stone Gap Post.

Inmates Protest Inhumane Conditions at Red Onion State Prison

Officials Claim Hunger Strike Has Ended

People incarcerated at the supermax prison have undertaken a hunger strike in an attempt to improve conditions. Strikers want fully cooked food, adequate medical services, an end to indefinite solitary confinement and a transparent process for filing grievances. Check out some of these links for more information:


Solidarity with Virginia Prison Hunger Strikers

Beth Wellington

Appalachian Voices Celebrates 15 Years!

Celebrate Artists for Appalachia

Come celebrate 15 years of protecting the land, air, water and communities of Central and Southern Appalachia! Join us on June 21st at 8pm (Jefferson Theater in Charlottsville, Virginia) for a very special annual membership meeting that includes Appalachian music, readings and revelry as we come together to celebrate our past, present and future work for the health and betterment of our region. Proceeds from the event will support the current and future program work of Appalachian Voices. The event is free for current Appalachian Voices members. New and renewing members can join for as little as $35 and receive a ticket to the event & a membership or renewal. To purchase a ticket & membership or to RSVP to the event click here.

West Virginia

WV Free Hosts Open House

Check Out the New Space, Meet Staff and Allies

WV Free has remodeled! Mark your calendars for an evening of snacks, sangria, cheap beer and soft drinks. As ever, this is a free FREE event! So come on out and enjoy a June evening in downtown Charleston with great views of the river. The open house will be held Tuesday, June 19, from 5pm-7:30pm. Please RSVP to Kizmet at kizmet@wvfree.org by June 15th and we'll give you details on location. Click here to RSVP on Facebook.

First Women's Tribunal on Climate Justice Meets

Women Find Connections and Build Momentum for Climate Justice

On May 10, Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC) was the primary organizer of the Central Appalachian Women's Tribunal on Climate Justice, a joint effort of the Loretto Community UN NGO, the Feminist Task Force of the Global Action Against Poverty, and the Civil Society Institute. While these climate justice tribunals have been held elsewhere across the globe (in places like Nigeria, Brazil, El Salvador, Nepal and Pakistan), this was the first-ever U.S. Tribunal. Twenty women from throughout Central Appalachia took part in this women's tribunal, exposing the impacts of mountaintop removal coal mining and its role in climate chaos. The women shared how mountaintop removal impacts their lives, their families and their communities. This event was live-streamed and you can watch it online. Click here for Part I and click here for Part II. Janet Keating (Executive Director for OVEC) will present recommendations from our panel of esteemed jurists at the UN Conference on Sustainability at the Rio+20 meeting this June 20.

Mountain Keepers Music Festival Announced

Mark Your Calendars

Join Larry and other Mountainkeepers on Kayford Mountain, West Virginia. On July 2nd-3rd we'll enjoy mountain music, a potluck supper, and a celebration of Appalachian culture. Come for fellowship, to meet the famous "Keeper of the Mountains" Larry Gibson, and personally experience a mountain top removal site. For more information click here.

Action Mobilizing in West Virginia

End Mountaintop Removal!

Come to southern West Virginia on July 25. Radical Action for Mountain Peoples' Survival (RAMPS) will host a mobilization where people will prepare to take nonviolent direct action to shut down a strip mine. We are calling for as many people as possible to come together and do what the politicians, the regulators and the courts have been unwilling to do: to defend the land and the people and to stop strip mining. The success of this depends on your participation. Whatever your skills, availability, or ability to risk arrest, there are ways for you to make this mobilization a success. To join ongoing working groups or find out more about ways to participate, please email officespace@wg.rampscampaign.org. Click here for more information.

STAY Announces 2012 Summer Institute!

A Don't-Miss Event for Young Activists

We are bringing together youth (14-30) from throughout the region for a four day workshop in order to empower young people through a sense of place, promote leadership development, uphold our Appalachian identity through cultural arts and storytelling, and build personal relationships to sustain each other through our efforts. The Institute will happen August 2nd to 5th, 2012 at High Rocks Campground in Hillsboro, WV. You may submit a session proposal by July 4th by clicking here. Individuals and groups of all ages are encouraged put together a session. Visit STAY's wiki page by clicking here.

Great Resources for Organizers and Activists
$15 - Robin Hood Was Right: A Guide to Giving Your Money for Social Change
By Chuck Collins and Pam Rogers with Joan P. Garner

$15 - We Gave Away a Fortune

By Christopher Mogil and Anne Slepian with Peter Woodrow

$15 - You Can Do It!

A Volunteer's Guide to Raising Money for your Group in Words and Pictures

By Vicki Quatmann

$7 - Si, Todos Podemos! The Spanish edition of You Can Do It!

By Vicki Quatmann, Translated by Maria Pedro Bruce

$15 We Make Change; Community Organizers Talk About What They Do - and Why

By Kristin Layng Szakos and Joe Szakos

Click here to download an order form.

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