April 9, 2020


Virtual Town Hall on the Move to 100% Renewable Energy in Massachusetts!

Come to our online Virtual Town Hall event and join the movement for 100% renewable energy. You’ll hear from inspiring speakers and learn how you can make your voice heard.

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Still time to submit comments for
2050 Decarbonization Emissions Goals

Stakeholders are invited to submit written comments on the draft determination letter through 5pm on April 10, 2020. See No Fracked Gas in Mass / BEAT's request to not stop at net zero emissions, but go for net negative emissions by 2050!

» Comments should be submitted through the online form here.

Better Building Code for increased
energy efficiency upheld!

From MCAN:

The International Code Council announced today that they voted unanimously  to uphold a stronger, safer, and more efficient national building code!

In the fall of 2018, advocates like you began reaching out to your local climate champions, urging them to take action and vote for a more efficient and more equitable 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). Your voices were heard: in Massachusetts and across the country, municipal leaders voted on provisions we know will strengthen our national building code, and make our homes, schools, and offices safer and more comfortable places to live, learn, and work.

We were thrilled when the preliminary results came in, announcing at least a 10% efficiency gain for the newest version of the IECC. This is a tremendous victory for climate advocates, municipal voters, and folks everywhere who are dedicated to Net Zero and fossil-fuel free buildings.

However, conservative opposition threatened to undermine these efficiency gains by invalidating pro-climate votes. After careful consideration, the International Code Council found that the votes cast by city councils, planning departments, and energy committees across MA and beyond are legitimate, and upheld the major win we fought for.

We are so grateful for everyone who worked to keep our decision-makers accountable to transparency, equity, and a resounding vote for better buildings. This work would not be possible without the resiliency of activists like you. Thank You!

Interested in continuing the fight for Net Zero buildings?
» RSVP Today  to our upcoming 4/30 Webinar updating you on our Net Zero Stretch Code campaign, and learn what YOU can do to continue the push for more climate-friendly construction in MA and beyond.

Despite the uncertainty of these times, I know that grassroots power will continue to prevail to make Net Zero buildings and a Net Zero future a reality.

Rebecca Winterich-Knox, MCAN Net Zero Organizer

COVID-19 Concerns Over Construction Continue

Allowing construction work to continue during this crisis, when all other non-essential work has been halted, puts both workers and the public at unnecessary risk. This is especially true of specialized trades like pipeline workers.  In most cases, as evidenced by citizen watchdogs in Weymouth, workers are not able to wash their hands or maintain at least six foot distancing while working on site. These workers often travel from other regions of the country,  staying at local extended-stay lodging, shopping at local gas stations, pharmacies, and convenience stores, allowing the coronavirus to spread across state borders. Any construction-related accidents also place more pressure on already overburdened EMT, urgent care and emergency rooms.

OSHA has issued a letter to Enbridge after our many complaints to FERC and OSHA regarding the continued construction during this time of pandemic. Thanks to all of you for your persistence! To read Enbridge's response and OSHA's compliance demands, go here.

» See nocompressor.com for details on contacting FERC and OSHA to demand shutdown construction at the Enbridge compressor in Weymouth, MA.

This battle over work vs. health in the building trades is happening state-wide, with unions from multiple building trades raising the alarm.

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