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(Parents, please also pass this email on to your singers. Forward it, print it out, tape it to their bedroom doors, etc. Thanks!)

Hi, Awesome MYC singers--

Thanks for your hard work during our May/June rehearsals. We're really looking forward to getting back together in July--our rehearsals will be exciting and intense. You'll get to know the music you already have (and some you don't) better than you ever have before!

As you are practicing your music (and you are, aren't you? It's very important), here are some things to remember:

--The more you practice, the more you'll help us succeed. That being said, no one needs to practice multiple hours each day. But don't wait until 2 days before rehearsal to practice--that's too late. Spend some time each week between now and our July rehearsals. 

--I will be posting some recordings on our Aberdeen site. Nothing is up yet, but check back occasionally. 

--Most importantly, pay careful attention to details. This is especially important for pieces you already sang this year. Don't assume you "know it already"; there's always more to discover and more details to pay attention to. 

At our last rehearsal, every singer used a checklist to make sure they had every piece of music they need. A few singers might be missing We Are or The Ploughboy (this one is for trebles only). Singers: Please look over your music and if you are missing one of these pieces, stop by the office to get a copy.

Here's the complete list. It'll likely change as rehearsals begin again in July, but it's a good initial list of what to be working on. We'll be also be learning 2-3 completely new pieces in July.

  • Sumer is icumen in (everyone)
  • O Che Bon Echo (everyone)
  • Non che non moriar (trebles only)
  • Il Est Bel Et Bon (only those auditioning to be our chamber choir)
  • Hopkinton (everyone)
  • Chichester Psalms (everyone)
  • Gloria Tibi (trebles only plus those auditioning for the tenor solo)
  • The Pasture (changed voices only)
  • Weevily Wheat (trebles only)
  • Modern-Major General (trebles only)
  • The Ploughboy (trebles only)
  • Fugue for Tinhorns (changed voices only)
  • I Will Howl (changed voices only)
  • Chorus of Street-boys from Carmen (trebles only)
  • We Are (everyone)
  • Bird Song (everyone)
  • Revelation 19:1 (everyone)

Thanks and see everyone July 17 at our next rehearsal!

:)Mike, Randy, and Margaret